A new study by a political scientist from Virginia's Old Dominion University claims that Hillary Clinton received approximately 834,000 illegal votes in the 2016 presidential election. The Washington Times reported on Thursday that political scientist Jesse Richman has produced "groundbreaking" research on non-citizen voting, which he shared on his blog in response to President Trump's allegation of widespread voting fraud.

Non-citizen vote heavily favored Clinton

Richman based his calculations on national polling conducted by 28 universities, which revealed that 6.4 percent of the 20 million non-citizens living in the United States voted in the recent election.

He then calculated that 81 percent of these non-citizens cast their ballots for Clinton. Through extrapolation, Richman concluded that this percentage translates into 834,000 additional votes for the Democratic candidate.

While Richman's figure falls well short of the five million illegal votes that Trump claims were cast for Clinton, those 834,000 extra votes would have been more than enough to put states like Nevada, New Hampshire and Maine into Donald Trump's win column. Hillary Clinton won each of those states with a margin of victory less than three percent.

Leftists still insist there's no proof

This new study probably won't do much to silence Trump's critics, however. After Trump made the bold claim about rampant voting fraud, his accusations were met with derision by the mainstream media, with many clinging to their strongly held opinion that there is no evidence of fraud.

For instance, Jake Tapper of CNN dismissed the claim as “a stunning allegation for which the White House is providing no evidence. And there is a reason they are providing no evidence -- there is no evidence. It is not true.”

Richman's study relied upon the Cooperative Congressional Election Survey, an anonymous questionnaire that includes a question on citizenship status.

A significant portion of survey-takers admitted that they were not legal citizens. The statistics in the Old Dominion University study were compiled by Richman, along with professors Gulshan A. Chatta and David C. Earnest.