What happens when you put loud anti-Trump activists inside a library? Libraries are universally considered sacred and quiet spaces and those who dare speak above a whisper are hushed and admonished not only by the guardian of books but also by those around them. When a group of protesters began creating a racket in the campus library, one student decided that enough was enough.

Don't mess with the library guy

On January 21, 2017, a Washington University student was captured on video standing up to a group of rowdy anti-Trump protesters who, according to Seattle's King 5 reporter Alex Rozier, rushed into the campus library an hour after President Trump's inaugural address.

In the video, the social activists chant over a blow horn, "Who's got the power? We've got the power."

The camera pans to the right as a lone voice cries out "Hey! Hey!" disrupting the protest and causing the protesters to pause and look over. The camera then rests on a visibly irate Asian student. He admonishes the group with a loud "This is Library!" before turning and storming away. The group remained in stunned silence except for a couple of feeble comments, one being "Go back to Beijing." The student glances over his shoulder briefly, unperturbed by the remark, then turns and continues on his way.

Video memes and parodies

The video (which was shared by the King 5 reporter on his Facebook page) has since gone viral.

Social media users who were taken by the student's boldness and courage, have since made the unnamed hero famous by creating parodies, jokes, and memes about the video and sharing them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

YouTuber Serdar Sed created a Thug Life remix of the video which was taken down briefly because of copyright claims and then later re-uploaded.

YouTuber bcarefulwhatuwishfor uploaded a 300 parody of the video with over 36,000 views. On the Reddit topic hey_hey_hey_this_is_library/, there are over 500 comments discussing the video. One person tweeted "I wish this would work everywhere!" A librarian tweeted "Libraries are where shush happens. It's OK to research your protest - then you need take it outside #thisislibrary."