Within minutes after the news broke that Donald Trump had signed an execute order banning Muslim refugees from entering the United States, critics quickly lashed out. As expected, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway has come to the president's defense.

Conway on Trump

Ever since replacing Paul Manafort as the campaign manager for Donald Trump last August, former Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway has become one of the most high-profiled figures in American politics. A regular to make the rounds on cable news and Sunday talk shows, Conway has often been criticized for defending Trump, most recently being her use of the term "alternative facts" to describe the falsehoods coming out of the White House.

After backlash resulted in protests opposing the aforementioned "Muslim ban," Conway took to her Twitter account on January 28, while also lashing out on Fox News.

"Get used to it. @POTUS is a man of action and impact," Kellyanne Conway wrote on her Twitter feed on Saturday, before adding, "Promises made, promises kept. Shock to the system. And he's just getting started." Not stopping there, Conway went on to appear with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News to express her thoughts on the current news at hand.

"You wanna be in America? We have some of the most generous immigration laws in the world," Kellyanne Conway said, while advising, "Go stand in line.

Go do it the way our ancestors did it." "You can't break the law and then allow liberals tell everyone that 'illegal immigrants are here to do the jobs that Americans just won't do,'" Conway continued, explaining that Americans are willing to take the jobs that illegal immigrants typically get hired for, despite what the political left often says.

Moving forward

Twenty-four hours after Donald Trump signed the executive order, at least a dozen people were detained at Kennedy International Airport in New York. Over the next few hours, protests took place in New York, while the ACLU filed a lawsuit over the ban in question on the behalf of two Iraqis detained at the airport. As of press time, a federal judge has issued a temporary stay, though the White House has not yet responded.