Pro-life supporters were jubilant on Monday after the newly inaugurated President reinstated a very controversial 32-year-old policy. The Mexico City policy was enacted in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, who announced the plan in Mexico while at a population conference organized by the United Nations. The policy is popularly known as the so-called global gag rule because it has been suspended by every Democratic President and reinstated by all Republican Presidents since its inception. And now that a Republican President sits in the Oval Office, the global gag rule is again signed into law.

Trump cuts off abortion funding to poor countries

On Monday, President Donald Trump officially signed an order blocking monetary aides to foreign countries that practice abortion as a family planning method, even those who have legalized abortion. Notably, this was done a day after the 44th anniversary of the Roe versus Wade ruling where the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in favor of women’s right to have an abortion. Coincidentally, on that same day, the peaceful March for Life demonstration drew an estimated crowd of about 2,500 pro-life supporters who had shown up at the Olympia Legislative building in Washington.

The Mexico City Policy, currently reinstated by President Trump will cut off funding from the United States to poor countries whose health care providers depend on the taxpayer-funded aid.

Donald Trump also went a step further, to prohibit funding for abortion counseling as well as the legalization of abortion.

Donald Trump reinstates policy revoked by Obama

The law was last revoked by Barack Obama after he was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. However, with the newly elected Republican, the anti-abortion groups already expected the reinstatement of the controversial anti-abortion law.

But while those who are against abortion are celebrating the newly re-installed law as a win in their column, the pro-choice groups have warned that the newly restored Mexico City policy robs numerous women of their reproductive rights.