On the eve of his Inauguration Day celebration, Donald Trump, his transition team, cabinet, family and many others gathered together for a candlelight dinner at Union Station. While Trump gave his speech, he called former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway to the stage, which turned out a bit awkward.

Trump and Conway

As the summer moved forward and Donald Trump was officially named the Republican nominee for president, changes were needed if the billionaire real estate mogul was going to be able to adjust during the general election. After his ties to Russia were exposed, campaign manager Paul Manafort stepped down from his position, and taking his place was Kellyanne Conway, a noted Republican pollster.

While many Democrats and liberal Americans would go on to cringe anytime she appeared for an interview on cable news, she stood by Trump the entire way, leading him to victory over Hillary Clinton. As reported on January 19, the two had a awkward exchange during the aforementioned dinner.

(Conway's appearance starts at 14:35 in the above video.)

"I see my Kellyanne, oh my Kellyanne," Donald Trump said, while pointing Kellyanne Conway out in the audience. "Come here. Come here Kellyanne," Trump said repeatedly, calling on his former campaign manger to join him on stage. As she made her way on stage wearing a long red dress, Trump reached in and kissed her on the cheek, before grabbing her hand, and planting another kiss.

"There is no den she will not go into," Donald Trump said of Kellyanne Conway and her routine stops on cable news and Sunday talk shows. "When my men are petrified to go on a certain network, I say 'Kellyanne will you go,'" Trump said, before bragging how his former campaign manager "just destroys them." Trump then leaned in for a third kiss, before Conway left the stage to take her seat.

Next up

With the campaign over, Kellyanne Conway will now serve as presidential counsel to Donald Trump, working side by side with the new president in the White House. While the Trump team is excited to officially start their first term in office, backlash continues to grow against the former host of "The Apprentice," and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. According to the most recent Gallup poll, Trump will be starting his presidency off on the wrong foot, with a favorability rating of just 40 percent, the lowest in the poll's 30 year history.