The reported numbers attending the so-called “Women’s March” that occurred in Washington and 600 cities throughout the world were no doubt inflated. Everybody who conducts mass street protests does that. However, as any aerial shots of the crowds of annoyed woman (and some men) demonstrate, the actual size of the demonstrations was impressive by any measure. But unfortunately, from the perspective of the organizers of the march, the event is likely to benefit its target, Donald Trump.

The big problem is that size aside, which supporters have been flogging across social media, much of the optics of the Women’s March were off putting.

The matter goes beyond some of the vulgar signage and the “p---- hats,” referring to Donald Trump’s ill-considered remarks in the Access Hollywood tape. While the civil rights March on Washington had Dr. Martin Luther King and the Tea Party had Sarah Palin, the Women’s March had Ashley Judd and Madonna, who really need to work at their ad-libbing.

Ashley Judd read a poem that was a vulgar suggestion about Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. Madonna basically threatened to blow up the White House. The Secret Service is said to be opening an investigation and no doubt the aging songstress will be getting a visited from some unsympathetic agents very soon now. Team Trump, a master of the media, will play this aspect up, making the March seem to be a carnival of the crazies.

The March also lacked a coherent political message and strategy. The civil rights movement wanted equal rights for all Americans regardless of race. It in due course got them in the form of legislation. The Tea Party wanted the size of government shrunk and for the feds to spend less money. They elected a horde of office holders and, as a result, is likely to get their wish.

But the Women’s March wants what exactly? Yes, for Donald Trump not to be president, but what besides that? Abortion, one of the most polarizing issues of our time, is not going to cut it. What agenda will unite a divided country? Until the opposition to Trump figures that one out, it will remain the political equivalent of a primal scream, loud, incoherent, and annoying.