Is the US President-elect Donald Trump really mentally ill as suggested by the renowned comedian; Rosie O'Donnell? - Or did the American people elect a raving madman to become the 45th President of the Great United States of America?

Well, it's only 12 days remaining before the President-elect is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. But while the world will tune in to witness the historic occasion, they are also eagerly awaiting to see how Trump will unite the country as well as lead the nation with one of the largest economies, for the next four years.

Trump told Barack Obama's appointees to quit jobs

As the world stays tuned to Twitterverse, many have already witnessed the President-elect breaking several protocols that almost every other Presidents before him had followed. With exception of a few like President Nixon in the infamous "Watergate Scandal" and George W. Bush, who still cannot show proof of Iraq's and Saddam Hussein's "Artillery of Weapons of Mass Destruction" and perhaps just a few others who slipped a little from the narrow pathway of the White House!

Donald Trump continues to break formal precedents

A recent story reported by the New York Times stated that the team handling Donald Trump's transition to the White house had recently issued a blanket order demanding all politically assigned US Ambassadors to quit.

These appointees were appointed by Barack Obama, who had served two consecutive terms as US President.

The order went further stating that they should leave their appointed post before his inauguration day on January 20th, 2017. However, while Senators of the Republican party had approved of some of the outrageous things that the President-elect had already done, this move deemed unprecedented breaks all mandated protocols.

Bruce Heyman to steps down as Ambassador

Already, Bruce Heyman, the diplomat assigned to Canada in the US Ambassador role has turned in his resignation to the GOP administration. Barack Obama appointed Heyman to serve in Canada back in April 2014. Before his appointment, he was one of the major contributors to Obama's election win.

Heyman was employed at Goldman Sachs prior to his deployment to Canada.

On Twitter, Bruce Heyman tweeted that he had handed in his resignation as requested by Donald J. Trump. He is the first politically appointed diplomat to yield to Trump's unprecedented demand. However, all appointees are usually allowed to stay at their post until a suitable replacement is confirmed by the US Senate, which can sometimes take months to vet all suitable applicants.