An employee of the U.S. Consulate in the Mexican city of Guadalajara (West country) was shot during the day, this Saturday 7th January, the Public Ministry and the US authorities said. They offered $20000 (64000 R$) as a reward for those who capture the perpetrator.

According to the official press release of the Ministry, an official of the Consulate of the United States was injured by a firearm. State and federal authorities are communicating with the Consulate in Guadalajara and the American Embassy in Mexico City to find the author of the attack.

The diplomatic delegation released videos of the assault, which occurred on last Friday.

Videos of the attack on the American Consulate employee

In one of the videos released by the American Consulate, you can view the official dressed in sportswear being followed by a black-haired man, wearing blue clothes, and sunglasses.

In another video, the suspect waits quietly for the American, who drives away the car. The shooter pulls out the gun, shooting and wounding the official then runs. The local press says that the American wounded occupies a position of high rank at the Consulate and was shot in the chest.

In the city of Guadalajara, the capital of the State of Jalisco, there are increasing cases of violence due to the presence of organized crime.

At the time the authorities didn't mention what could be the reason for the crime, but they intend to solve the case and identify and apprehend the suspect as soon as possible. No further details have been disclosed about the features, age or origin of the shooter.

If someone can identify the suspect or has more information to help with the case they can contact the American authorities.

The FBI is offering a reward of $20000 for information leading to the identification of the man who shot at the United States Consulate official.

The medical report released by the United States Consulate reports that the official was wounded in the chest but is not too badly off and is in stable condition. If he remains so he will probably go home in the next few days.