It is still early days yet, exactly another 12 days before President Barack Obama hands over the reign of the presidency to the President-elect Donald J. Trump, whose much-anticipated Inauguration day had made several unsavory headlines in recent times.

The historical day has always been one of the most anticipated dates in the United States of America storied history, with many people tuning in from around the globe via their trusted television sets. Others in the entertainment world wait with bated breath to see if they will get a chance to be a part of this grand history-making occasion.

A brief look at Donald Trump's election victory

However, for the first time in the US history, the sentiment was not shared by many celebrities who turned down Trump's invitation in fear of the anticipated backlash they would receive from their fans. In addition, they were concerned about those who opposed the unlikely incoming 45th US President Donald Trump who lit up the campaign trail with fire, knocking out all opponents in his path to win the Republican party, 2016 nominee.

In the election on November 8th, he unwittingly "Trumped" Hillary Rodham Clinton, of the Democrat party, and secured the win for the Republicans, many of whom were against him. Several GOP Senators from the party he represented admonished him to drop out of the race because of his unfavorable stance on some very touchy political topics.

Donald Trump is a complete political novice

President-elect Donald J. Trump has never been a senator, in fact, he has no political experience unlike everyone else who fought tooth and nail to get the nod to become the Republican nominee. They ended up defeated by the astute business magnate! A complete political novice!

Do GOP Senators know Obama is still the President?

A few days ago, as reported by a Fox News affiliate station in Ft. Lauderdale, Republican Governor Rick Scott called the President-elect Trump to brief him on the brazen shooting in Florida. The heinous crime committed by Esteban Santiago, 26, who opened fire at Florida's Hollywood International Airport claimed the lives of five people and injured eight other individuals.

Governor Rick Scott, when asked if he had provided details about the shooting to the current President Barack Obama, he responded that he had only called Donald J. Trump. Scott is one many GOP Senators who had acted unprofessionally towards the current President. Governor Scott in his defense stated that Barack Obama did not call him requesting updates about the brazen attack at the airport.

In fact, President Obama is still the active President of the United States of America; he still has 12 long days remaining as the leader of the country. Notably, President-elect Donald Trump cannot assume the role of President until his Inauguration day, which is set for January 20, 2017.