Pizza Hut inwest Charlotte, North Carolina near theInterstate 85 was the scene of a fatal shooting by an employee who served up more than three armed robbers bargained for. Police have not released the name of the employee, but they did say he used his own handgun to shoot and kill one of three armed robbers who tried to hold up the restaurant early morning on Sunday 30 October. It appears friends may have set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to support the dead man's young son.

Hoping to rip off the cash takings, rather than just order a new specialty pie, the robbers decided to take the Pizza Hut slogan to heart and claim their share of the 'Your Favorites.

Your Pizza Hut'. Pizza Hut may have been a favorite but not anymore, as the two men who survived the encounter fled the scene after the shooting.

Pizza Hut robbery investigation on-going

ABC News reported that the police are investigating the incident. According to them, three armed men enteredthe Pizza Hut restaurant at about 1.40am. There were no customers around and the place was closed to public at the time. They were busy robbing it when the employee took his shot at one of them that left him dead. Police say they recovered a weapon from the "slain" robber. The men who got away have not yet been tracked down.

Employee on leave of absence

Some people have issues with Pizza Hut, as there have been complaints worldwide about high levels of salt in the food, and the fact that in 2010, it was discovered that the palm oil they used in their food products could have been sourced from unethical slash and burning of forests in Indonesia.

No doubt, the anti-gun brigade will now take issue with the fact that one of the employees had a handgun at the workplace. On the other hand, some people on Twitter are glad the employee used his weapon to protect life and property. Nevertheless, the odds are on him being fired, especially as CBS News reported that Pizza hut has placed the employee on a leave of absence

A GoFundMe fundraiser

WRL News reported that the dead robber has been identified as28-year-old Michael Renard Grace.

There is a GoFundme fundraiser on facebook, for a Michael Renard Grace who died on the day of the robbery in North Carolina and people are obviously assuming this fundraiser is for the man slain in the robbery, as message responses to the fundraiser include links to the reported robbery.

Brandi SilentLove Harrisshared the post.The postsays, "To Any One And Everyone That Loved And Cared About Michael, I Have Started A Go Fund Me Page To Not Only Support Any Extra Funeral Expenses We Are Preparing For Mr.

Grace But Also To Support His Son Michael Renard Grace III.... In The Loving Memory Of Michael Renard GraceJr. Born October 4th 1987 & Called Home October 30th 2016... Always Loved, Never Forgotten! He Was A Good Man, Son, Brother, Friend, And Father... Please Let's Keep His Name Alive For The Sake Of His Son."

Of course, there is no way to verify 100 percent if this is the man killed in the robbery, but it does remind everyone that behind the motives for committing a Crimethere is always a loved one, a family and those who care. Perhaps if those who took to crime remembered this before doing the deed, there would be less crime and less need for employees to carry handguns to protect life and property.