On Thursday, Tamara Francis-Fourkiller, a Caddo Nation tribal leader, was arrested at Standing Rock. She was released early Saturday morning to learn thatan anonymous donor had paid $2.5 million for the release of her and hundreds of otherswho were arrested.

Recap of Standing Rock Sioux protests

For months, Native and Non-Native Americans have been at standing rock sioux protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline is being built by a Houston-based company over ancient burial mounds and under the Missouri river; the largest river in the United States.

If the pipeline busts, it will pollute and damage the water inthe 2,341 mile long Missouri River that flows throughout the United States. Therefore, for months, the Sioux Tribe and other activistshave gathered in efforts to halt the construction of the pipeline for the preservation of clean water.

Anonymous donor

In recent weeks as the protests have become morewidespread. Hundreds of people have been arrested, including famous actress and environmental activist, Shailene Woodley. On Thursday, Francis-Fourkiller was one of the many victims who faced arrest just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was an innocent bystander watching the protests and touring the camps at Standing Rock when she was bombarded by police and handcuffed.

She was taken to jail in Cass County, North Dakota on a conspiracy and rioting charge. On Saturday morning, she, along with every other person that was arrested on Thursday afternoon, was released from jail due to an anonymous person that donated $2.5 million dollars for their bail.

The protection of the land and water is the primary concern of the Native Americans and other activists.

There are many unreported pipeline busts around the United States every year, including a major reported spill that occurred in North Dakota just Saturday. The voices against the North Dakota Access Pipeline are finally being heard as many people from around the United States have come to gather in solidarity with Standing Rock.