Wikileaks sent out an urgent tweet on Monday morning to say the internet connection used by Julian Assange had been cut by what they alleged to be a “state party.” They further stated that the organization had activated the “appropriate contingency plans.” A later tweet confirmed that Ecuador had cut off the internet access at 5 pm GMT on Saturday, shortly after WikiLeaks published Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. Later reports have now implied that Assange may have been forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy.

WikiLeaks founder has been in the embassy for more than four years

Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been living in the London Ecuadorean Embassy for over four years, following a warrant of arrest issued by Sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes. Assange fears that should he head to Sweden for questioning, he would then be extradited to the U.S. to face trial over espionage charges for the release of classified U.S. documents by WikiLeaks.

According to NPR, they have been attempting to contact WikiLeaks to confirm the story surrounding the internet outage, without success. They reportedly tried contacting the whistleblower organization via telephone, texts and emails. NPR then attempted to email Ecuador’s ambassador, but no reply has been received and reportedly London’s Metropolitan police have declined to comment on the incident.

WikiLeaks released the John Podesta emails on Saturday

Another batch of emails was published by WikiLeaks on Saturday which allegedly is linked to John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

NPR’s reporter said that WikiLeaks has 50,000 more emails waiting for release. According to them, the Clinton campaign has yet to confirm if the hacked emails are genuine, although the campaign has attempted to place the blame for the hack on Russia, saying that country is attempting to interfere with the U.S. election in an effort to promote Republican candidate Donald Trump.

During a press conference on October 4, Assange had said that WikiLeaks will be publishing emails every week, right up to, and through, the November 8 presidential voting.

Was the WikiLeaks founder arrested?

In the meantime, rumors have started doing the rounds that Julian Assange has been physically removed from the Ecuadorian embassy by the London Metropolitan police. Nation One News had published a report stating that a man, with a black bag over his head, had been escorted from the building by police. They alleged that this occurred just 30 minutes after the WikiLeak’s founder’s internet was cut on Saturday.

While there has been no confirmation of this, the Associated Press had attempted to contact the embassy to ask about Assange’s whereabouts. A recording of that call is included below:

There have been allegations that John Kerry has threatened the president of Ecuador with “grave consequences” unless Assange is silenced. According to the Nation One News report, a further release of information was made via torrent and from what they have personally seen so far, the next release by WikiLeaks could allegedly severely impact Kerry himself. The content of the emails was not mentioned in that report.

In the meantime, WikiLeaks has continued the release of the John Podesta emails.