Dog Fighting is an ongoing issue of Animal cruelty in many states, and putting an end to such abuses is difficult because they most often go undetected. The dogs in these facilities live in deplorable conditions and are chained, hungry and used to breed or fight or both. When no longer needed, they are destroyed. A recent report suggest that sherriffsdiscovered such a dog fighting ring in Hernando County, Florida.

Investigation into alleged dog fighting facility.

An injured dog in the area led Hernando County officers to a home on Leonard Street.

The dog was found badly hurt and in a cage under the house. The man living there said he was caring for the animal for a friend, providing it food and water. The animal, in fact, did not have any water or food.

After a full examination by a vet, it was determined that the injured dog was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring, which is how the animal received the serious injuries. He had oozing wounds, a protruding and exposed bone, and puncture wounds and infections. During the investigation deputies went to a neighbor’s home where they found a training and breeding facility facilitating a dog fighting operation. The authorities discovered 22 adult Pitbulls along with six puppies. The neighboring home was found to have 19 adult dogs and two puppies.

All the dogs were being restrained with extremely heavy chains or in makeshift dog cages with no food or water in sight. Any water nearby already had algae growth in it, unfit for the animals.

Arrest made in animal cruelty case.

James Harris, 61 years of age, who claimed to be caring for the one injured puppy was arrested and charged with animal cruelty for neglect of the animal.

At the second home, 53-year old Darryl Smith was charged with felony animal cruelty and felony bait animals. The dogs found on the premises weighed less than 30 pounds, attached to chains that were half their weight.

During the arrests, deputies and animal enforcement officers also discovered saline solution, injectable antibiotics, body builder for dogs, parvo and distemper shots, wound care medicines, cattle wormer, needles, syringes, red cell builder, electrolyte solutions, hip and joint tablets, muscle builder, underwood horse medication and other products only used by veterinarians.

Other items found were used in training dogs for fighting. All findings were clear that this was a dog fighting facility. After all the animals had been removed, they were treated by a vet for all injuries, vaccinated and fed. The case is still under investigation with additional charges pending.