People love to view and interact with wild and exotic Animals as a form of entertainment, not realizing the torture, abuse and immoral treatment they endure for your pleasure. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have long advocated to protect these animals and keep them out of the industry and in their natural habitat.

Panda exhibit planned for Chinese-based Las Vegas Casino

Plans went back and forth regarding the projected new casino with a Chinese theme. PETA was avidly following these plans, appalled at the final design to include a panda exhibit.

PETA VP Tracy Reiman’s wrote a letter to Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay and Michael Levoff of Genting regarding the concerns about the panda exhibit. The concern is that so many people frequent the casinos to gamble and be entertained but have no awareness about the welfare and health of the delicate, confined animals in an artificial environment. People enjoy viewing something new and exotic as elephants, white tigers and now, the proposed pandas in a new exhibit.

Effects of panda display in the midst of casino

There is some continual controversy regarding the casino project and the panda exhibit. At one point, the word is that only images of pandas would be displayed, yet the final word is that the project is still a go with the panda exhibit.

PETA believes that having these beautiful live pandas on display in the middle of a casino for visitors to ogle at is a complete lack of respect for wildlife and nature. They are strongly urging the Genting Group to abolish plans to subject these animals to an environment that would compromise their health and welfare.

The panda is a symbol of China but is not feasible to compromise their health in an exhibit.

They belong in their natural environment. The effort is to keep the Las Vegas strip animal-free and save them from undue stress and abuse in an unnatural environment. The construction continues, but PETA and their supporters will oversee the plans to ensure the safety of the pandas.