Unfortunately, the name Hillary Clinton and the word “emails” cannot appear in the same sentence without folks’ hair setting on fire as they skywrite “gotcha” in the air. On Friday, FBI Director James Comey made a public announcement regarding an extremely vague letter sent to Congress about newly discovered Clinton emails. The problem is, it could be much ado about nothing. What we know so far is that the emails were not Clinton’s but discovered on her aide Huma Abedin’s electronic devices. Is there a smoking gun or embarrassing messages between Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner, who was involved in a humiliating sexting scandal?

Nevertheless, Comey’s questionable action prompted the Democratic Coalition Against Trump to file a complaint against him with the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility. The coalition alleges that Comey, who is a Republican, is trying to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Their complaint, in part, cites the absurdity of Comey’s opening an investigation 11 days before the election based on emails found on someone else’s device which have yet to show anything to do with Clinton’s email or personal server. Comey will be in violation of the Hatch Act if his conduct was proven to be politically motivated.

This could end up being just a desperate ploy

No one is more overjoyed by this news than Donald Trump.

The real estate bon vivant gleefully addressed supporters in New Hampshire, telling them the system may not be rigged after all. Imagine that. Trump went on to say he believes the FBI will now right the ship and even compared the update to being “bigger than Watergate.” According to Trump, this is the biggest scandal in political history.


Those who truly in the know, weigh in

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman is not only a renowned computer crime expert, but he was there during the Watergate scandal. Akerman calls Donald Trump’s bloviating claims totally absurd. He added that for Trump to reach such a conclusion based on complete lack of evidence, it reminds him of the 1950’s when Joseph McCarthy lived to spread innuendo.

Yes, make America great again. Akerman also took issue with Comey saying the director had no business writing Congress about emails that he nor anything other FBI personnel had reviewed. He continued with pointing out it that it was not the FBI Director’s duty to prematurely make public announcements about emails that may or may not have anything to do with Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. If at first you don't succeed, try, try someone else's emails.