Most people know Anthony Weiner(how could you not?) butsome were unaware he’s the husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s right hand aide. Abedin has unparalleled access to the presidential candidate and could be the downfall of the first woman to get this close to the highest office in America. The irony isn’t lost that itmay not be Donald Trump that takes down Hillary, but thewoman closest to the Democratic presidential candidate.

What’s on the laptop?

There are some surprising facts about Anthony Weiner’s laptop and the data on it that make it clear why this has become an 11th hour crisis for the “I’m With Her” campaign.

These are important facts to know whether you’re voting red, blue or Libertarian. Here is what any informed citizen should know about the Weiner-Abedin digital device and why it’s important.

There are not thousands of emails on the device – there are hundreds of thousands of emails. The New York crime unit investigating Anthony Weiner in an underaged sexting case notified the FBI there were more than 650,000 emails on the laptop that were not Weiner’s but belonged to Huma Abedin.

FBI knew about the emails for weeks

The FBI did not just find out about these emails right before FBI Director James Comey sent letters to Congress, they knew for weeks and were evaluating what steps to take. Reportedly, Comey was notified by investigators there might be important info about two weeks before the letters to Congress were sent about reopening the investigation.

While it is true the FBI has not read the content of the emails at the time they asked for a warrant to examine them, they had examined the metadata on the emails (this is essentially the to and from addresses on the emails) and confirmed they were State Department emails. That’s why it’s a big deal even sight unseen. US AG Loretta Lynch has reportedly backed off her blockadeand allowed the warrant for the FBI to dig into the content of the emails.

Huma Abedin perjury allegations

Huma Abedin now faces perjury charges because she stated under oath and signed a document saying that she turned over all emails and submitted all devices that contained state department communications and pledged that she did not retain any copies of any state department messages. The Weiner laptop was not submitted.

Also, there could be emails on the laptop that are part of the deleted 33,000 emails that caused Hillary Clinton so much grief in the prior FBI investigation. And even if the deleted emails aren’t there, there’s still the issue of why Huma Abedin’s estranged husband (who has a history of poor lack of judgment about his digital lifestyle) had access to state department emails.

Unfettered access to the Clintons

What’s also troubling is the unfettered access that Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner had to both Hillary and Bill Clinton. Huma has been at Hillary’s side for 20 years starting as an intern for her under WJC’s tenure as POTUS. Bill Clinton even officiated the wedding of Huma and Weiner.

Anthony Weiner is facing serious charges of inappropriate contact with a minor and Huma Abedin may be looking at perjury charges that could send her to jail as well.

The looming question, with Abedin missing from the campaign trail, is whether Weiner and Abedin will flip on the Clintons to save themselves.

Huma or Weiner cutting a deal?

With several investigations now open on the Clintons, aside from this email debacle, into the Clinton Foundation, pay-for-play accusations, and other issues, the Weiner and Abedinmight sell out the Clintons. If there’s a smoking gun, Huma Abedin could have her finger on the trigger.Anthony Weiner is reportedly cooperating with the FBI. Will Huma follow suit?