Former assistant director of the FBI James Kallstrom has defended the actions of current FBI director James Comey for revealing that the FBI is once again looking into the email scandal that has plagued Hillary Clinton’s campaign for months. Many have called for Comey’s head, but Trump support Kallstrom thinks Comey had no choice and predicted worse things to come for the Democratic POTUS hopeful.

'Something big is going to happen'

When Kallstrom appeared on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on FOX News and said of Comey’s decision to go public with the renewed email investigation, “I think he couldn’t hold onto it any longer.

Maybe the locals would have stepped in on this.”

By “local” Kallstrom means the NYPD since they were the ones that found and notified the FBI about classified information on devices taken from disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner’s home in an unrelated case where the (alleged) selfie-loving sexter was accused of activities with an underaged girl.

It is a little stunning to think that Hillary’s right hand gal Huma Abedin would trust her digital devices around her husband giving his prior poor judgment. But is there something to this hubbub or is it just white noise before #Decision2016? Is there even time to sort this out before election day one way or another?

Could Anthony Weiner take down Hillary?

Could Anthony Weiner’s licentious lifestyle take down Hillary Clinton where Donald Trump has yet to? Much has been made of the Department of Justice’s censure of Comey’s decision to send letters to Congress and announce the reopened investigation and if not for Weiner, none of this could happen.

Kallstrom said on the Judge Jeanine show, “I think there’s something happening… I think something big is going to happen. I don’t know what it is.” Jeanine Pirro agreed, “I think he had to do it.” This hints that there is something there and this is not just business as usual at the FBI, but something substantial.

Is the joke on America?

Even if nothing comes of this investigative angle, if nothing else, this scandal has offered lots of fodder for late night talk shows, internet memes, and riotous headlines in even usually decorous publications. “The New York Post” went low brow branding this scandal “Dickileaks” and calling it a “stroking gun.”

Both Woodward and Bernstein – the serious journos that blew up Richard Nixon way back in the day have weighed in on the so-called “Cocktober Surprise” and don’t like what they see. Bob Woodward has been hypercritical of the Clinton Foundation and Carl Bernstein has also defended Comey saying, “it was something requiring serious investigation” for Comey to have gone against the DOJ in this matter.

It’s true James Kallstrom carries a pro-Trump bias into this matter, but you do have to consider his deep FBI experience when speaking about an FBI chief taking such a drastic step 10 days before the Presidential election. Is this a smoking gun? Or just an opportunity to take another crack at Weiner by poking fun?

Watch the James Kallstrom interview below - it's short, less than five minutes - and see how Kallstrom defended Comey which is a reversal of his prior anti-Comey statements.