As many Economic experts have predicted, Obamacare has taken a turn for the worse. Many Economics majors predicted this before the affordable care act even got off the ground. Now, several years into its downward spiral, Obama care is unraveling. According to Breitbart news, citing the instability of the failed plan, both the insured and uninsured are running for the hills.

The affordable care act was explained to us to be a money saver for the American people. However, the ones who had insurance can no longer afford insurance, and the ones who never had insurance, dodge the act altogether, due to the extra high premiums that have occurredsince its birth.

When it was first introduced, the Website did not even work. That should have been a dead giveaway as to how unstable the plan would be.

The affordable care act

The affordable care act or ACA was signed into existencein 2010 and confirmed by the supreme court in 2012. The ACA was sold to the American people against their will as a health care reform. According to ACA official Website, January 31, of this year was everyone'slast chance to obtain the coverage, but most Americans have dodged the plan, due to their inability to afford the plan.

The average American budget

With the cost of college tuition and student loans, this alone is enough to break your pocket book. Putting that aside, the average American has to pay rent for a house which averages $500 per month.

Add the price of gas for your car being around $100 per week depending on how far you have to travel to work. Figure in about an average of $500 per month in food for a small family and you can see how the insurance has become unaffordable.

Now add to all of these figures the average $100 per month a college student pays for their student loans and you have a large economic train wreck on your hands.

And this is not counting the credit card bills and the out of pocket one must pay at the doctor's office.

The penalty for not signing up

On top of all these expenses, the ones that could not afford the plan, are now going to have to pay a penalty on their tax returns each year. To those that are not filing, the money just keeps adding up until one day, according to the Website, they will come to your door and lock you up.

The reason for the ACA not working

The reason this horribleplan is not working economically is due to the fact that you can not squeeze blood from a turnip. Eventually, the act will fall as the ones who can afford it now, won't be able to down the road, due to the large amounts of people that do not have it. The premiums rise each year to cover the cost.