Washington - Since the late 80's, America has had control of the internet. All internet available for all countries comes from America. However, In Octoberof this year, Obama plans to give over the internet authority to a multi-globalorganization that does not have a constitution. So what does this mean for us as Americans with freedom of speech? This News may be hard for most Americans to swallow.

It is simple - freedom of speech over the internet will no longer exist. Since he has taken office, Obama has gone through with executive orders that go over the heads of Congress.

Not only is that unconstitutional, but it takes away the say of the people. How many people remember ever having a say before Obama passed some order that the people do notnecessarily agree with?

The transfer of the Internet

According to Fox News, the order went through two years ago and Republican lawmakers are fighting it tooth and nail. The organization is a non-profitcompany called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). According to the ICANN website, ICANN is a Shared Registration System which means they will hold the data information of all the people registered on the internet.

All your information would be stored overseas

All the Information you put into a profile on say like Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere for that matter, would be more easilyaccessed by people all over the world.

Not only would hackers have easier access, but so would terrorists. This is not a move with American Citizens interests in mind. ICANN is preparing large databases to store all the internets information.

Your freedom of speech will be compromised

According to Fox News, in an interview with Senator Ted Cruz, Cruz stated, "Obama is trying to give away the keys to the internet to countries that want to suppress the freedom of speech." It seems that if this goes through, they will succeed.

In most countries such as Russia and China, they do not have a constitution. This means the citizens of these countriescannot say what their governments tell them not to say. These are the countries that will be running the internet. With this power, they can shut down the internet to certain regions or shut it all down.

Obama is doing this in an executive order which means that congress will have no vote on it. If this is done before the next President is in office, how can they just take back control?