Washington - Amid all the controversythat comes with Hillary's e-mailscandal, some are Americans are concerned about Obama's sudden obsession with who succeeds him in the 2016 election. According to Fox news, Obama's concern lies in his own legacy. He feels that if Donald Trump wins, Trump may reverse all of his executive orders and set things going on a different path. So what executive orders is he most concerned about?

  • Obama Care
  • Guantanamo Bay
  • Transgender bathroom law
  • Planned parenthood

According to Fox News, Obama is most concerned about who will run the Government after the Election 2016 finality.

The four point stated above are the ones he is worried about the most. There are several differentscenarios that some Americans feel will play out if Trump wins the election.

Obama warns Hillary to run scared

According to The Sun, a news publication in the UK, hours after Obama praised Hillary as being the best candidate to hold the office of president, Obama made a statement that stunned the DNC. He warned that Donald Trump may win by a landslide and recommended that Hillary Clinton "run scared." Many Americans wonderif this was a prediction by Mr. Obama that these are not normal times.

Will Obama run a third term?

According to the Political Insider, Political pundit Jamie Dech made a prediction that not only stunned the US as a whole but may actually happen.

According to Dech, Obama may use martial law as a stepping stone to put off the elections if Trump appears to be winning, but is that possible? Not only is it plausible, but it is also legal. So actually running is not an option, but prolonging the elections is.

What is Martial Law

Martial law is defined by Wikipedia as this:Martial law ( also called Military law) is the burden of the most elevated positioning military officer as the military senator or as the leader of the administration, along these lines expelling all force from the past official, authoritative, and legal branches of government.

It is generally forced incidentally when the administration or non-military personnel powers neglect to work successfully (e.g., keep up request and security, or give crucial administrations).

According to an Interviewwith Dr. Ben Carson, by CDN News, Carson stated that Obama is so desperate for Hilary to win that he may use the racial tension and the civil unrest of the nation to impose Martial Law. If he does so, he could be president for an indefinite amount of time. Not only would he stay president but he would be the determining factor on how long he would stay Commander in chief.