According to Nature World News, Yellowstone National Park is experiencinga large mass fish die off that they have never seen before. Experts say that the Yellowstone River in Montana has been closed off to the public due to the large amounts of Dead Fish littering the shores. According to officials, over 2,000 whitefish have died in the area due to large populations of killer parasiticorganisms in the water.

Mass fish kills are happening everywhere.

While it is certainly not uncommon for living organisms to die, a die off on a large scale has hit the earth's lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Everything from starfish to whales is dying in record numbers all over the planet. But why? Some scientists blame in on algaeblooms, while others blame it on El Nino. One thing is for certain, if things go on progressing at this rate, 1/3 of all sea life will soon be gone.

According to scientists, these mass kill-offsare of biblical proportions. What is being done to save the sea life here on our planet?

Chilean beaches

As you probably already know from geographyclass, Chile is all coastline. What is going on on the Chilean beaches is astounding. Chile is known for its beautiful white beaches, but a fish kill has all but completelycovered their beaches with dead sea life. According to a report by Giovanna Fleitas of the Agence French Presse, "the South American country'sbeaches are covered with piles of dead sea creatures, and scientists are trying to figure out why." When Googled, the findings are epic.

Everywhere else

In Vietnam, the situation is at critical levels as the Asian country has had to deploy soldiers to the shores to bury all the dead sea creatures covering their beaches. This is obviously a problem that demands attention all over the planet. From America to China, these massive fish kills are plaguing our waterways.

If the problem was Algae bloom, officials say that the Scientists would have wrapped up their investigations, but every case is still open as scientists try to come up with the causes so that they can find solutions.