Donald Trump's field offices draw ridicule

Its been a common theme throughout the Trump presidential campaign, career politicians laughing off The Donald's every unique idea. The latest snickers revolve around the Florida field offices that Donald Trump recently put into action.The news media had a field day when it was announced that the GOP presidential candidate would be employing three RVs to serve as field offices for his campaign in Florida. One such article byPoliticus USAstated that "RVs aren't field offices, and Donald Trump isn't running a real presidential campaign."

Donald Trump RVs are a laughingstock no more

This week, one of the field offices was deployed to do something not only unique, but compassionate as well.

The Donald Trump RV serving North Florida canceled all scheduled campaign stops to travel to Panacea, Florida. According to the Florida for Trump Facebook page, this area has lost power due to the Storm Hermine, and may not regain electricity for weeks.

Joined by veterans and police, the ridiculed Donald Trump RV delivered much needed supplies such as diapers, water, and Gatorade to the devastated region. Apparently they arrived just in the nick of time, as the community's water supply had dwindled to a mere three cases of bottled water.

This was not the end of their involvement in helping after Hermine. They also jumped in with physical labor to help clean up storm debris and clear roads.Perhaps most notably, this compassion in action took place without media frenzy, but as a genuine outreach to the people.

Hurricane Hermine came "like a thief in the night," prior to Donald Trump's outreach.

According to,Commission Chair for Leon County, Bill Proctor, described the hurricane as coming "like a thief in the night" while also stating it had "stolen very little."

While the hurricane certainly caused the devastation of homes, businesses, and land, it could have resulted in the loss of many lives. Thedecision to veer off the campaign trail and send his field office into the fray is one to be commended. It seems the Trump RVs are serving an important purpose, after all.