Hillary Clinton is being defended against the constant barrage of perjury charges by Republican members of Congress by none other than John Dean, formerWhite House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon from July 1970 until April 1973. Mr. Dean argues that members of Congress, specifically Republicans in this case, can say anything whether true or false because they are shielded by the United States Constitution's "Speech and Debate Clause" (Article 1; Section 6).

Republicans motivated to smear Hillary Clinton with false charges

Mr. Dean writes on Verdict.Justia.com that Republicans members of Congress are not only trying to "smear" Hillary Clinton, but have gone beyond the pale of dirty politics trying to "send her to jail on phony charges." Mr.

Dean calls the Republican political tactics an "abuse of power" and "employing a tactic that could undermine democracy."

Mr.Dean would know, having a front row seat to history observing and being involved with the master of "dirty politics", former disgraced President Richard M. Nixon. It was Mr. Dean that blew the cover-up lid off of the Watergate case, that eventually brought down a President of the United States, who only avoided impeachment and conviction becausePresident Nixon quickly resigned in disgrace when the facts came to light, du in large part to Mr. Dean.

Mr. Dean points the finger at two powerful Republican House chairmen:Bob Goodlatte, chair of the Committee on the Judiciary and Jason Chaffetz, chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Because the two men failed to criminalize Clinton’s use of a private email system during her tenure in office, the two ruthless and powerful men have now moved onto perjury to achieve their ends.

Republicans never give up on 'getting' Clinton

On July 11, 2016, the two men referred perjury charges to theU.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia for criminal prosecution.

The referral received a "form letter" response regarding HillaryClinton’s all day and night testimony on October 22, 2015, in which Hillary Clinton had received wide praise for standing up to the Republicans in their tiresome and repetitive questioning of what Bernie Sanders referred to as her "damned emails."

Upset and more likely, politically frustrated, the two mensent a revised letter to the U.S.

Attorney on Aug. 15, 2016, taking another shot at the prize of bringing down Hillary Clinton once again. A prize they have failed to win over and over again.

Mr. Dean argues Hillary Clinton not guilty of perjury

Mr. Dean raises the possibility that Hillary Clinton may not have been sworn in properly because of the lack of quorum on that day. Never mind the technicalities, Mr. Dean argues forcefully proving perjury requires“willful intent” and the speaker knew the statement was false. Perjury is not"when the testimony results from 'confusion, mistake or faulty memory.' Inconsequential inconsistencies or conflicts in testimony do not constitute perjury or false statements."

None of this occurred.

Mr. Dean's piece is worth a read.

In the end, the election will end the Republican accusations

They will likely continue to be frustrated in winning the prize, of depriving Hillary Clinton the White House. However, the prize will continue to elude them, culminating onelection day, whether Hillary Clinton is elected or not as President of the United States on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Ironically, that election could also mark the end of the chairmanships of these two most powerful men, stripping them of their power. Relegating them to "Ranking Members" of the loyal opposition, the Democrats.