Like Donald Trump, a political candidate in a sci-fi novel wanted to "Make America Great Again"and this was penned almost two decades before the real estate mogul made his hankering for the Oval Office public. The book, Parable of the Talents, which was written by Octavia Butler in the 1990s, centers around a "harbinger for violence" named Senator Andrew Steele Jarret.

What does 'great' actually look like?

Much like Trump, the fictitious Jarret wants to make America great again and this is the character's slogan, like it is for Trump today. As the Huffington Post suggest, if you were to survey 10 folks on what "great" would look like if the slogan were to materialize, you'd get a hodgepodge of responses.

Great might look one way to you and it could look like totally something different to the guy standing next to you, so making it "great" really is a catch-all phrase.

Trademarked, but far from unique

Trump has trademarked the "Make America Great Again" slogan, despite the fact that this fictitious character used it in a novel, it belongs to Trump today for his campaign. Most folks probably don't remember or never heard aboutRonald Reagan wanted to do the same thing. He had "Make America Great Again" put on buttons and handed them out during his campaign.

Back in Reagan's day it didn't catch on like it has today, as Trump is often seen wearing a baseball cap with his slogan front and center above the brim.

Besides not having hats displaying that promise, Reagan didn't have the Internet to give his button slogan enough exposure to become what it is today for Trump.

Purging the weak

Believe it or not, the Metal Gearvideo game series had a presidential candidate from the year 2020 who echoes words extremely similar to Trump's slogan when giving a speech.

The character talks about purging the weak, which leaves the strong to survive and "They'll make America great again." Other than Reagan,it looks likea couple of unsavory characters were assigned to this slogan at one time or another.

Hillary paints it backwards

So far, no one has actually painted a verbal picture of what America will look like once it is "great again," but Hillary Clinton'stwist on this has Trump going backwards and not ahead with progress.

She is using Trump's slogan against him. She seems to think that "Make America Great Again" is code for "take America backwards." Maybe Hillary is a bit taken back herself because she didn't think of it first, after all, this time around it's caught on.