Leaders in the Canary Islands are a worried lot. This is a much-loved Travel destination in Spain for the Brits. In fact, the UK government had declared it as a safe location in view of low infection rate of Coronavirus. It had also waived aside the requirement of 14 days' quarantine on their return. Those associated with the travel sector were happy and hoped to key in on the opportunities. However, within a week, things went topsy-turvy. The British government reversed its earlier decision and the hopes of the locals were shattered. The reason was fresh lockdown in England coupled with a ban on people who take holidays abroad.

It has literally dislodged plans of revival of business in the era of the pandemic. The travel sector in the Canary Islands would suffer. It is common knowledge that the virus is contagious and personal hygiene can ensure safety. The pandemic has taken thousands of lives all over the world and tourism is one sector that has suffered the most. Airlines have grounded their planes, and cruise operators have docked their ships as they wait for the situation to improve.

The Sun UK says the leaders feel the decision of the UK government would mean loss of a major earning potential in the winter season. Tourists from Britain who had booked hotels are canceling the reservations. They want to wait for normalcy to return.

Travel industry hit by the second wave of coronavirus

In the opinion of tourism chiefs, Europe is facing a second wave of coronavirus. The Sun UK goes on to add the new cases of infection has hit the tourism industry hard and the sector expects Germany to reinstate their advice to citizens of not undertaking any journey. Hoteliers have indicated suspension of bookings, which does not auger well for hotels, tour operators and others involved in tourism-related businesses.

The decision of the UK government has dealt a severe blow to the hopes of the Canary Islands. It will take them time to recover. Coronavirus has played havoc with travel and tourism sectors all over the world and they are waiting for revival.

The Sun UK makes a mention of the ill effects of fresh travel restrictions. It seems the UK and Germany were their main source markets.

Return of tourists from these two countries would have rejuvenated the winter season beginning on November 1. It is a problem for all the islands. The authorities nurse hopes that the new lockdown situation in these countries would not be a long drawn affair and the damages to the economy would not go beyond limits. In May, there were reports that America wanted to extend border control and travel restrictions because of coronavirus.

The Canary Islands are great travel destinations

According to Mirror UK, there is a drop in the price of holidays to the Canary Islands. The drop is quite significant in some cases because the tour operators want to attract British holiday-makers to book a winter sun getaway.

These islands have been among the favorites of the Brits who want to enjoy some winter sun. It is understandable because the day temperatures range between 21C-23C. It means pleasant surroundings that would be ideal for outdoor activities on the beach.

Travel attractions in the Canary Islands

Mirror UK mentions about a couple of attractions in the Canary Islands. One is the volcano park in Lanzarote and another the promenades along the beaches of Tenerife. The pandemic would mean donning face masks and maintaining social distancing. These might be awkward for people on holiday but are necessary preventive measures against coronavirus. In order to ensure the industry survives in these trying times, countries are toying with different ideas like plans of an air travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore.