Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have stepped down from royal duties and relocated to America with their son Archie. They want to be financially independent and are working towards that goal. The two of them have already acquired a mansion in Santa Barbara among Celebrities and are keeping themselves busy pursuing activities that involve interaction with others. Their work is giving positive results, thanks to their contacts. However, the threat of coronavirus is a stumbling block. It has made direct contact with others a risky affair. This is because it is a highly contagious disease, and infection can spread through mere touch.

Therefore, the pair has to interact through virtual meetings to avoid crowds. That is how Harry and Meghan are collecting information on various subjects with their charity Archewell in mind. A royal expert told a media outlet that the charity foundation's likelihood of using the couple's royal connection is remote.

Express UK says Harry and Meghan revealed their new foundation in April. That was when the name Archewell came to the forefront. At the time, the couple clarified "Arche"' is a Greek word that means "source of action." Harry and Meghan have already confirmed the launch of the charity website.

Focus on relevant issues is a priority for Harry and Meghan

At the end of March, Harry and Meghan dropped hints that they planned to devote a few months to work behind the scenes on Archewell, their new charitable organization.

Coronavirus forced them to change their path, and they began a session of gathering useful information related to relevant issues like mental health. They were curious to know how people were coping with the pandemic and what sort of help they wanted. Express UK adds that Meghan later tackled subjects like the Black Lives Matter protests.

That was a fallout of a black man's death at the hands of the police in Minneapolis. They also became vocal on subjects related to racial inequality and the past of the Commonwealth.

Harry and Meghan want to foster healthy, positive communities

The couple has brought the digital world center stage. They spoke about the importance of building a digital world that is more compassionate.

During their interaction on the Time 100 Talks series, they mentioned the dangers of misinformation. In their opinion, these platforms do more harm than good. Express UK also quotes Harry and Meghan's mention of having a better digital landscape to tackle issues that affect people's lives. These are subjects like climate change, accessibility to education, and mental health. Meghan said the focus of the Archewell Foundation is to foster healthy, positive communities. That is necessary for the collective well being of society. She made these comments during the Fortune's Most Powerful Women summit in late September.

Christmas in the UK not on the agenda of Harry and Meghan

According to Mirror UK, Harry, Meghan, and Archie might not return to the UK for Christmas.

That would mean the Queen would not be able to spend time with her great-grandson. Both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are in their 90s. They haven't seen their great-grandchild Archie for a year. Harry and Meghan postponed plans to be in the UK during Christmas because of several other commitments. There are various family occasions ahead, and one of these is the Queen's birthday parade. The couple now lives in the United States and spent lockdown there. They are young, and before marriage, she was an actor, and he was a pilot. A spokesman for the couple said – "They haven't finalized any plans for what they are doing over the festive period, but Covid restrictions will need to be taken into account."