The website's official launch indicates Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready to step into the next phase of their charity Archewell. After weeks of virtual engagements, they discussed the negative impact of the internet and social media. This platform would serve as the launchpad for charitable activities of Harry and Meghan. They had registered the name Archewell in March but delayed its launch because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The website's name is a combination of the Greek word "Arche" and "well." The website tagline reads – "Archewell is an organization committed to creating compassionate communities online and off, to serve our collective wellbeing." It is based in Los Angeles, in the vicinity of the royal couple's home in Santa Barbara, among Celebrities.

It suited Meghan fine because she was an actor before she married Harry, a fighter pilot. The website is active, and the couple would be planning to shift to the next level. They have been interacting in virtual engagements with others for quite some time on subjects like the negative impact of the internet and social media. In August, Harry and Meghan volunteered to work for the Los Angeles charity Baby2Baby. They wanted to be engaged in this nature's activities to get out of the boredom of COVID-19 protocol.

Daily Mail UK mentions the special edition of the Time100 Talks. In the talks, Meghan made no bones about the fact that she and Harry knew the nature of the internet. It gives rise to a combination of widely different feelings like pain, suffering, and joy.

Charity work of Meghan and Harry

The royal couple's original plan was to carry on with their charity activities under the Sussex Royal brand. That did not happen because once they decided to step down as senior working royals, they had to forego the royalty links. They wanted to become financially independent and are now in America after a brief stopover in Canada.

They felt America would offer more opportunities to proceed towards their goal. In April, they dropped hints about the new name of the charity. That was the road ahead for Meghan and Harry. They zeroed in on Arche – it is a Greek word and means a source of action. It also matched with Archie – the name of the couple's son. They promised to launch Archewell when the time was right.

Daily Mail UK quotes Royal biographer Omid Scobie explaining that Meghan while speaking at Fortune summit, indicated she would engage in a virtual one-one-one on the subject of rebuilding the digital world. She and Harry have ideas, and they want to put them together and give them a concrete shape.

Meghan and Harry feel social media needs a change

In the opinion of Harry, online platforms lead to distraction. He says the online world influences the actual world and creates a global crisis of hate, misinformation, and health crisis. During a special edition of TIME100 Talks, both Meghan and Harry opened up on the subject of the "state of our digital experience." Daily Mail UK says Meghan compared social media users with those who are addicted to drugs.

Her perception might have changed because she had been closely associated with social media in the past.

COVID-19 forced Harry and Meghan to delay launching Archewell

According to News AU, the couple had to delay the launch of the charity Archewell because of COVID-19. They also faced a few issues related to the naming rights of their website. There were many formalities involved, including paying specific fees, which they have cleared. They want to do something of meaning, something that matters. Their son Archie is someone special to them, and Harry and Meghan want to bring him up as a private citizen devoid of the glitter associated with the British royalty.