The highly contagious Coronavirus has affected businesses. Large number of restaurants in New York State fear closure unless the government intervenes and grants additional relief. A poll conducted by the New York State Restaurant Association reveals nearly 64 percent of them might have to down shutters if the situation does not improve. Obviously, there are visible signs of desperation. Melissa Fleischut, President & CEO of NYSRA, says - “It is painfully clear that without financial assistance, the restaurant industry in New York State could collapse.” She wants elected officials to understand the urgency of the situation and take necessary action to mitigate the sufferings.

It seems many restaurateurs could not fully pay their July rent and it was a matter of concern for the industry.

New York Post goes on to add that a section of the respondents would close down before November. The demands of the restaurateurs are permission to allow indoor dining in the city, augment the indoor seating across the state, and provide relief from commercial rent etcetera. Melissa Fleischut adds that the leadership of Governor Cuomo has extended some forms of lifeline but much more needs to be done.

It is all about survival of the restaurant industry and the authorities like the Governor, the state Legislature and those at the federal level have to evolve some sort of solution.

Restaurants in New York City want more flexibility

President Donald Trump and Congress are trying to consider approval for relief package to contain the pandemic.

It remains to be seen how it will finally be implemented. Restaurateurs in New York City are unable to understand the continuation of ban on indoor dining in the five boroughs. New York Post says this is strange especially when the infection rate in these boroughs is less than one percent. There is permission for indoor dining in all other parts of the state.

These include Long Island and Westchester/Rockland counties. However, in the city, it is only fresco dining or dining outside. There must be uniformity in the interest of businesses. The city is an attractive destination for tourists and closure of eateries would have a cascading effect on the tourism sector.

Coronavirus has made things difficult for New York

According to CNN, the restaurant business is passing through a critical phase. A study reveals vast majorities of them could be out of business by January. They want some form of additional aid from the government.

Restaurants across New York State are struggling to keep their nose above the water. It all started in March when the coronavirus pandemic struck and they had to close shop to avoid crowds that could spread the virus. It does not have any known cure and work is on to develop a vaccine. The situation keeps getting worse and decision makers have to work out a plan of action to save the industry. Problem with New York City is unique. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has barred indoor seating in the restaurants. The intention is to limit the resurgence of Covid-19. However, in restaurants outside the five boroughs, indoor seating is permissible at a limited capacity.

New York City has to tackle other issues also

In March, New York Governor Cuomo cautioned that thousands of people could die from coronavirus. Now, after nearly six months, the fears remain. Already in July, Broadway in New York announced closure until next year because of the curse of coronavirus. The city is an attraction for tourists and the pandemic has ruined many holiday plans. It is a global phenomenon and the Travel sector is losing business opportunities. Similar is the case with the entertainment sector and eating joints. The world is waiting for things to improve so that life can get back on track.