People love to Travel. They want to widen their knowledge and see new places. They are tourists and love to tour, mingle with others, taste their cuisine, and enjoy their landscapes. In short, they want to let down their hair and relax during holidays. However, Coronavirus has disturbed their lives because the disease is highly infectious and involves quarantine when one moves from one country to another.

The general advice is to avoid crowded places, use masks, practice personal hygiene and maintain social distancing. Obviously, these developments have hit the travel industry hard because tourism is the backbone of many economies.

Tour companies and travel agents are at their wits end while hotels are hoping for bookings to pick up.

The Guardian talks of the initiative taken by Britain to liven up overseas holidays. The government has plans to suspend the 14-day quarantine period for certain countries where the incidents of the pandemic is less. There will be air bridge arrangements for these overseas destinations and it could get the approval soon. The authorities have not declared the list of countries but, for a start, it could involve European nations like France, Greece, and Spain with the possibilities of Portugal.

Other destinations would follow. Another action on the anvil is for the Foreign Office to lift travel warning for countries deemed safe.

Countries where tourists will be safe

The government hopes to announce the names of safe countries in time to allow tourists to undertake journeys by the first week of July. Before that, there must be an agreement with the nations on mutual travel routes.

The list of permitted destinations would remain flexible and ranked as green, amber and red based on certain criteria. Tourists can travel freely to non-red countries. In case of a sudden outbreak of the pandemic in certain countries, the travellers would have to be in isolation. The period would be for two weeks on return to the UK.

The Guardian elaborates on the quarantine policy. It will be applicable to those who come in from countries that fall in the not safe category. They would have to provide contact information on arrival in the UK. Moreover, wearing of masks would be mandatory on all forms of public transport like planes, ferries and Eurostar trains. The intention of the government is to identify several safe travel routes around the world. That will provide people with the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad and an impetus to tourism and business.

New concept for tourists in Britain

According to Sky News, Britons can take advantage of a new policy related to their summer holidays. The government wants to identify destinations in selected European countries where the effect of the pandemic is not there or is minimum. Those who opt for these countries would be exempt from self-isolation for 14 days upon returning to the UK. The countries are favorite destinations like France, Greece and Spain and there would be color-coding. Tourists who return to Britain from a country in the red category will have to self-isolate for a fortnight. They would have to keep the authorities informed about their whereabouts. Noncompliance would attract penalties.

Nightmare for tourists

The pandemic from China has taken thousands of lives across the globe and played havoc with the travel and tourism sectors. It is a contagious disease and people have to exercise the utmost care to ensure safety of self and those around him. Italy is a favorite travel destination but, due to coronavirus lockdown, travel plans of many tourists have been disturbed. The economy of Italy is based mostly on tourism and it plans to ease lockdown to welcome tourists.