It is important that the issue of Global warming is assigned due importance in everyday lives, some researchers think. This factor keeps the world on edge as is evident from the rise in incidents of bushfire across the globe. In order to control this, it is necessary to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This can be achieved by restricting the use of fossil fuels to the minimum and switching over to sources of Renewable Energy. A new study that mapped the impact of warming on the oceans concluded that the waters in 2019 were at their hottest.

That is a matter of concern because these water bodies reflect a grim picture. They trap most of the excess heat from the Earth.

The Independent UK quotes researchers as saying, “The Earth’s oceans hit record high temperatures last year as the rate of global warming continued to accelerate.” They added that the amount of heat absorbed by the oceans over the last quarter of a century is beyond imagination. The data was sourced from hundreds of Argo floats scattered across the water bodies like the seas and the oceans. They analyzed the data that went back on time to the 1950s and discovered that the last five years were the warmest on record. Lijing Cheng, lead author of the study says global warming is not a figment of imagination but is real.

People must realize global warming destroys

John Abraham, a professor from the United States, is co-author of the study. He explains that the vast majority of the heat ends up in the oceans and, to understand the subject, it is necessary to measure ocean warming. He cautions that only the tip of the iceberg is visible and there is still time to check the slide.

One option is to use energy more wisely and diversify the sources by exploring alternatives.

The Independent UK makes mention of the North Pacific heatwave from 2013 to 2015. These affect biodiversity in the oceans and are a major fallout of global warming. Researchers have also noted that hot spots in the oceans could have significant effects on storms.

Examples are the heat in the Gulf of Mexico from global warming that led to hurricanes like Harvey in 2017 and Florence in 2018. These climatic disturbances take a heavy toll on lives and property and damage the infrastructure. Experts feel that one of the solutions is to embrace clean energy.

Bushfires in Australia are examples of global warming

According to Sky News, climate scientists have taken note of the bushfires ravaging Australia and believe that unless there are positive steps taken to control global warming, there would be more such fires. These play havoc with the environment and rob the habitat of men, animals, and birds.

A team of climate and ocean scientists from around the world conducted the research and published the findings in 'Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.' They discovered that Climate change was the cause of an increase in the frequency and severity of what scientists have dubbed "fire weather." They describe it as periods that have high fire risks arising from a unique combination of a number of factors related to temperatures, humidity, rainfall, and strong winds.

Sea level rise and global warming are interlinked

As revealed by the Independent UK, heating up of the waters in the oceans lead to unwanted situations and one of these is a sea-level rise due to global warming, which is a major threat. It affects those who reside in coastal regions and they have no other alternative but to move out to safer locations.

Indonesia has plans to relocate its capital due to global warming. Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has tried to raise awareness about the evils of global warming and her message has struck a chord with the youth. She thinks that people should opt out of fossil fuels and encourage the use of alternatives like electricity, solar power or wind power. Curiosity, the American rover on Mars, has been there for more than five years working 24X7 on solar power.