Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are unfazed by the current media emphasis on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are dueling with the press, the future king and queen are about official business. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving along with their royal duties and have just arrived in Pakistan. They were spotted at Nur Khan Airbase this afternoon, for Kate's first appearance on her five-day tour of the country. Details regarding the itinerary are scarce, but William and Kate's communications secretary stated earlier this month that they would be paying respect to the historical relationship between Pakistan and Britain.

William and Kate undertake a complex tour

The royal spokesperson also said that this would be the most complex tour the Duke and Duchess have had to date because of security concerns related to the logistics of the area. This will be the first royal visit to Pakistan since Charles and Camilla were there in 2006. Earlier this summer, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, the High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom, said that the two countries have historical links that each would like to strengthen. Zakaria added that the government, as well as the Pakistani people, will welcome Prince William and Kate to the country.

Prince William and his wife will one day be the king and queen of England, but the paparazzi have been more interested in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since their engagement.

Now with the birth of their son Archie, an increased focus has been on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Even so, Kate Middleton and her spouse have moved right along in their marriage, in raising their children and also with their royal duties.

William and Kate will focus on current issues

The Royal couple arrived in Pakistan at just before 10:00 PM local time.

Their tour will focus on the country as it is today. They will meet with Prime Minister Imran Khan, a former cricket star who was a good friend of William's mother, Princess Diana. Perhaps the future king and his wife will have their trip end better than Harry and Meghan's tour of southern Africa. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended up filing lawsuits against the press, and Harry accused them of hounding Meghan the way his mother was harassed prior to her death.

Pakistan was the location of Princess Diana's first solo trip in 1991, and she made two additional treks to the area during that same decade.