The law machinery in Paris views over speeding seriously and police pulled up the flying taxi, undergoing tests on the River Seine. It had exceeded the permissible speed limits and was traveling at 18.6 mph against the normal river restriction of 7.5mph. The company clarified that the police wanted to check the paperwork and hence intervened in the test run. French startup Seabubbles has developed the vehicle that hovers over the water and is touted as a mode of transport that has “no noise, no waves, and no pollution.” It will not disturb the infrastructure of the city but will be a boon to the Environment.

The firm expects to make it as an alternative to Travel by road by making use of rivers, lakes and other waterways to transport people from one place to another.

Independent UK quotes SeaBubbles as saying the eco-friendly flying taxi causes zero CO2 emissions. It will be a new travel option and can begin operations in Paris next year along with cities in Holland and the United States. It will help to keep the environment free of smoke and users can avail the services via an app on the lines of other taxi serves like Uber.

Future plans for such vehicles

SeaBubbles describes a possible future scenario.

There would be enough vehicles for each city. Each vehicle can accommodate five persons and the operator could use them as water taxis or tourist vehicles. This is not the only company who wants to give a new look to urban transport, and some are working on the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) concept.

They want to test it out in overcrowded roads. Aircraft maker Airbus wants to bring a VTOL vehicle over Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games.

The Independent UK adds the views of Elon Musk.

He is a successful entrepreneur and in his opinion, vehicles of this nature could pose a significant threat to the safety of people on the ground. If the servicing or maintenance of these are not proper there could be unpleasant situations. In his words – “somebody’s not going to service their car properly, they’re going to drop a hubcap, and it’s going to guillotine somebody.” He made these comments at an event last year.

Flying taxi is an eco-friendly transport option

According to Sky News, the firm Seabubbles has unveiled the flying taxi in Paris. It falls in the category of an eco-conscious transport solution and will probably roll out next year in the city followed by other cities in Europe and the US.

Design of the futuristic cab allows it to "hover" above the water minus noise, waves or pollution. This firm is not the only one competing for space in the world of electric vehicles. Rolls Royce unveiled an electric VTOL system with flying taxis in mind. The focus of vehicle manufactures is on Renewable Energy like electricity to generate the necessary power and the flying taxi could have a market.

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