Prince Harry is doing his best to come up to the expectations of Meghan Markle who is always worried about fitness. She wants husband Harry to be a role model for their child and not give in to temptations of anything that is injurious to health. He has not disappointed her and has accepted the fact that he must transform from a party-loving prince to a role-model father. He has already said goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol and is embracing a clean-eating lifestyle by looking the other way from meat and coffee.

News AU reports Prince Harry now appears to be leaner and more bright-eyed and Royal family insiders attribute these to various factors like yoga, and meditation apart from exercise.

He had recently been to Birkenhead. There he met a Buddhist monk and told him that he has begun practicing meditation on a daily basis.

Meghan wants a new look Harry

The Duchess of Sussex wants the Duke to realize that there is another way to live and he has accepted that line of thinking. They already have a yoga instructor in their midst in the form of Doria Ragland. She is Meghan’s mother and they know that yoga is good for the health of both body and mind. It seems the royal couple has plans to build a “floating” yoga studio at their new home in Frogmore Cottage, Windsor.

Prince Harry had to modify his eating habits.

Both he and Meghan used to be foodies but now they are pursuing other options. Meghan would like Harry to go vegan because she hates the sight of blood. She is an animal lover and follows a no-fur policy. She had even asked Harry to skip shooting a pheasant on Boxing Day. It seems the Prince has bowed to her wishes and is eating “less meat and more fruit and veg” since marrying Meghan.

Entry of Meghan in Harry’s life was a turning point

According to Vogue, Prince Harry was a former party boy who made tabloid headlines for his devilish romps. However, the entry of Meghan Markle, the Hollywood actress, in his life was a turning point. She has impressed upon her husband the need to modify his lifestyle, especially the eating and drinking habits.

Her idea of a well-balanced lifestyle means yoga sessions and a vegan diet.

He has obliged her by cutting down on harmful stuff like alcohol and caffeine. He was a fighter pilot in Afghanistan, she was an actress in the TV drama “Suits” and a common friend played Cupid. Their coming together has changed the culture of the British royal family because Meghan is like a breath of fresh air. She came from America, adjusted to a British way of life and is now waiting to become a mother.