We all want the most out of our lives, but there are some of the aspects of our well-being that must be fortified not only to achieve what we wish to accomplish but keep us in that condition for a prolonged period of time. Some aspects we possess are more critical than others, yet there are some that are crucial to our functionality throughout our everyday life. One of the bedrocks of our success lies in who we are as a person, what we are willing to endure, and how long we are eager to wait to reach our utmost potential.

What is the bedrock of our success?

One of the most influential aspects of our well-being is our character.

It is what we're made of; it is what we are truly about, it is our foundation to what we can handle in life. It is about doing the right thing when tempted to do wrong. There are many traits that we possess that get us to the top, like perseverance, talents, intelligence, and our ability to work hard and push ourselves, but these traits might not necessarily keep us there.

Have you ever watched a tree in a hurricane or a windstorm, all they do is sway from side to side, and at the end of the day, a majority of the trees are still left standing. Yet a lot of the homes are destroyed. This is because of how the trees grow. They push down and develop their root system, their foundation first, then they start to climb and build their way up. Before you begin to ascend and reach new levels in your life, there are greater challenges that you will face and if your foundation is not there if your foundation is not secure, it will be that much harder for you.

What will it take to gain our personal fulfillment?

Can you withstand the setbacks, can you get up from failure? Only through our character can our ambition be empowered and success achieved and sustained. This applies to everything we do in life. Our character is not built in times of peace; our soul can be strengthened only through times of pain and suffering.

Know that no matter the storms that come through in life, the sun that burns inside of us is strong enough to break them apart and forge our path to brighter days.

If you ever find yourself in doubt of your capabilities, always remember that our strength has always been there, our potential has always been there, and through our built character you will be able to reach your limitless heights and see yourself to achieve everything you seek in this life and the world.

Grow your foundation, it is not a matter of if you will succeed, but only a matter of when.

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