There are always things in our lives and our world that we should care about, and then there are things that we should not care for. We are not meant to be dragged around the world at the whims of others and society or just our circumstances alone. There is a choice to everything.

How our choices affect our emotions

Learning what to care about is incredibly important, our level of stress and overall quality of life is typically determined by what we choose to care about. In the world we receive tons of mixed messages throughout our day, we must always be in control of what we care about and what we pay attention to.

Our happiness is of limited capacity, and if we allow our emotions to be dragged around by overthinking problems that aren't there or things that are beyond our control, it will only put us into further despair.

We must realize that some people and circumstances in this world are just going to be out of hands and that there is simply nothing we can do to fix it, so we must let it go. Trying to control people, or things that are out of our hands is like trying to control the weather. We are defined by what we choose to reject and what we choose to accept in our lives.

What are we meant to care about?

Do we choose to be self-conscious by making the mistake of caring what others think us? We must realize that no matter we do in our lives, there will always be someone that has something negative to so, so we might as well do something that makes us happy.

Do we make the mistake of allowing others to define us by trying to please everyone? 90 percent of the world may be pleased with us, but at the end of the day, it won't mean anything if you're unhappy with who you are. Trying to make everyone happy always puts you at the risk of depriving you of your own.

This not being selfish, it is merely putting your mental, emotional, and quality of life first, because if those things are not 100, it will affect the people in which we are closest with as well as your futures.

The things we should always care about include family and those who make positive contributions to our well-being, our dreams to fulfill our potential towards our purpose, our health to determine our well-being, our strengths to harness the greatness within to push through any endeavor or obstacle that we encounter, as well our flaws and problems, for they humble us, hold us accountable, and remind us of aspects of our lives that need correcting. There is a yes and no to everything we encounter in our lives, the greatness of your future is always in your hands.