Those preparing for a special occasion should know that there are skin treatments that can achieve quick results to optimize one’s appearance. Whether for a wedding or another event, treating oneself to a quick beauty delight will make a star of a party sparkle even more.

With the upcoming nuptials between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, wedding season is now in official bloom. As anxious brides and grooms prepare for the wedding day they will want to treat themselves to skin treatments that will have them looking their best. Dr. Vivian Chin, a top cosmetic physician at KORU Wellness Aesthetics, a New York City boutique medical spa, has some tips to achieve the best skin worthy of a Royal Wedding day.

Skincare routine

Ahead of any skin treatments, it is important to begin with a regimented skin care routine ahead of the big day. Remember just as the body needs nutrition, the skin also needs plenty of nourishment to achieve total wellbeing. Chin states that one should remember, “nourishment = radiant skin.”

Laser away sun spots, red spots, and acne

Laser is the perfect skin treatment solution to rid the face and body of unsightly damage from acne and the sun. A few treatments of laser therapy will give the skin an even and lovely tone as it rids the appearance of unsightly marks caused by the sun and acne, as well as those red dots known as cherry angiomas.

Chin explains, “Lasers can also be used to get rid of old sun damage on the arms, back, chest, legs, hands, as well as the face.” An appointment should be made with a dermatologist three months, or more, before the special day.

Photofacial to rejuvenate

Photofacial treats the skin with a light-based technology. This intense, pulsed light therapy works to erase signs of sun damage, brown spots, and broken capillaries that lead to facial redness. The objective of these kinds of skin treatments is to see a plumper, more youthful, appearance. The Photofacial is also often referred to as facial rejuvenation and photo rejuvenation.

Glycolic peel for radiance

A Glycolic Peel will stimulate natural collagen production, as well as diminish the look of those hated lines and wrinkles. It works by delving deep into the skin to repair texture and get rid of dullness. For a special day skin-glowing-radiant appearance

Chin recommends to have a glycolic peel one month ahead of the event, and another 1-2 days beforehand.

The doctor notes, “If done by the right cosmetic physician, you will not appear red, but it will only brighten, lighten, and create an even, luminous complexion.”

Botox and fillers

To achieve a bit of a lift to the face with a more youthful appearance injectable Botox and fillers will do the job. Botox works to temporarily revitalize as it removes lines from crow’s feet and frowns, and lift eyebrows. Fillers can help contour and plump to remove wrinkles and enhance cheeks, chin, and lips. Botox and fillers should be injected 1-2 months prior to the big event to achieve the best, and most natural looking, results.

Remove varicose veins

No matter how nice one’s face may appear, the look of varicose veins running up the legs can be enough to ruin a big day.

Whether showcasing the gams in a mini or just hitching up the gown on the dance floor, one should have sclerotherapy to get rid of any unsightly tiny spider veins, also known as varicose veins, running up the legs.

Sclerotherapy is an injection of a solution directly into ugly veins and blood vessels in the legs below the knee and thighs. Chin reports that results are immediate as it works to irritate the vessels’ lining to get them to disappear.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore more than skin deep. It is important to remember that your prince or princess fell in love with not just your royal wedding day appearance, but the total you. Skin treatments should be done to feel good, and to stay healthy inside and out.