A bouquet of swirling flowers extends outwards, a single rose sits at the center of a canvas highlighted by an uneven gold frame...the three-dimensional multimedia artwork of Rachael Marie Landis is certainly an unforgettable sight to behold.

Self-taught artist Rachael Marie Landis was born in Dayton, Ohio, and showed an interest in the arts from a young age, however, had abandoned her creative endeavors as she became involved in the business world. In May 2016, she decided to take out some of her old art supplies and delved back into the creative arts.

Since then, her palettes have included a vast array of colors and mediums also consisting mostly of three-dimensional mixed media. Experimenting with different materials has become second nature to her and has showcased her unique creations.

Rachael recently discussed her glorious multimedia artwork in a recent personal exclusive interview.

Creative ideas and making art

Meagan Meehan (MM): You have been making art since you were a kid and you also moved around a lot during your childhood, so do you think the changes of scenery influenced you at all?

Rachael Marie Landis (RML): I have lived in Dayton, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now I currently reside in Delray Beach, Florida. Throughout living at these different locations, I would say that yes it has influenced my artwork in many ways.

I found I did a lot of growing, healing, and soul searching especially when I was living alone in a small one-bedroom apartment in Lake Worth, Florida at the beginning of September of 2016. I spent many, many hours on canvases aka considerably myself and in doing so helped open and teach me my gifts which then allowed me to be more aware while finding the freedom of expression, patience, love, peace, and strength.

It also helped me heal in many ways such as releasing many fear-based thoughts including anger, jealousy, greed, and envy which you may associate these words with insecurities or a sin. I find these associations to be a love it depends on how you choose to perceive the word-based feelings and into actions.

MM: You took a break from making art and then dived into it again in May of 2016, so why then?

RML: I was sitting at home one night, and I decided I wanted to create something, I had some leftover paint from a pumpkin I had painted for Halloween earlier that year in October of 2015. And then alone in my bedroom, while living back at my parents’ house, in Lake Worth, Florida I began painting an eye. I haven't stopped since. I was ready and felt that love and passion again. I had more confidence in myself than ever before, and it felt good and invigorating. I was finally again inspired. I discovered this is very important to create with being ok to be you allowing and accepting yourself to let go while incorporating your experiences from the past, present, and future. It’s like putting yourself into a canvas being naked and raw.

So, along the way of creating if I didn't like what I did, I wondered why and then I dug deeper and found more about myself and I didn't give up this time as I had in the past in between the thirteen years I had stopped. Because it enlightened me, empowered me and challenged me. I felt passion again in a way that’s hard to even put into words. This was all new to me so I had to continue and see what else I could do and feel. And each time I did I surprised myself. I found trying new ways of creating where all the sudden flowing through me like a child on a playground. I had all these visions and ideas, and they just kept channeling through me; it felt magical.

MM: Your work is multi-dimensional and contains an array of media, so how did you come up with this style and what are some of the most untraditional materials you’ve incorporated into your work?

RML: As I progressed and explored more with my creative ideas I continually kept building and believing in myself and what I could do I eventually started working with more a three-dimensional approach including mixed media materials such as paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, real flowers, silk flowers, candle wax, magazines, paper, buttons, leaves, etc. I would begin creating and come across an item in my household for example then I would envision how I could incorporate that in my creation and boom there it was like an inventor discovering something new for the first time. This vision came alive and into fruition. I love the concept of recycling and reusing what we would normally consider trash while just throwing it away I decided to make it a part of my creative vision and reusing it in a way that would help me creatively express myself and our planet.

I love the ability that art gives you that freedom to create something out of nothing without feeling limited. There are no rules. It’s like being a kid again. It's fun, playful, yet challenging while also allowing you to uniquely express yourself. Helping to open you up to a whole new world. The process in its unique rawness sets you into exploring unknown territory. It’s like opening yourself up and for all to see you in a way to share yourself and see yourself to. I think it's pure bravery. I've learned to value and appreciate that allowance and acceptability.

Reactions, ArtExpo, and goals

MM: How would you describe the reactions of people who have seen your work?

RML: I am very happy with the reactions from others seeing my artwork.

I’ve also learned to not take personally what another may think of you. This a great learning tool as I have observed we live in a world where there is a lot of judgment along with preconceived notions to be and or act a certain way. I found creating art has given me the openness to accept myself for whom I am and know that I no longer need validation from another and all along it truly was your own validation and love for yourself that was the most valuable and one of the important lessons I have learned. One of the many reasons why I love what I do is also to help others. So, that hopefully, when they look at my art, it helps inspire and possibly open something up in them, whether it be a feeling, idea or thought, either way, this will depend upon the individual’s personal unique soul.

The gift of giving authenticity. You never know what an impact you have on yourself or another until you try something different or new that is speaking to you from within and I advise to listen to that inner voice. That’s another one of the beautiful things about Art. It’s like diving into a deep sea of the unknown and finding things you never even knew existed.

MM: You displayed your three-dimensional paintings at Art Expo 2018 in NYC, so what was that overall experience like?

RML: This year from April 19-22nd I was ready to display my artwork and I had gained so much more confidence and experience throughout the past couple years creating. I had been accepted as an exhibitor at the New York Art Expo as a ‘Rising Artist.’ I was so elated and grateful for this opportunity to display my artwork.

This process of creating has been such a beautiful learning experience. So far it has included traveling up north to the big apple which meant loading and packing all my artwork into my car and driving many miles to showcase myself and what I've created. It was divine timing. I had gained more confidence and met so many amazing people at the end of the four-day exhibit. I really enjoyed talking to other artists and hearing their stories and experiences. I saw that what I had been feeling and going through throughout this creative process that I wasn't alone. And to see others going through similar experiences, I was very proud to stand beside them and share ourselves and our ideas as artists in our own unique style.

Creating and expressing in an art form whatever that may be in my opinion is true raw bravery like for example being naked on a stage in front of a bunch of strangers. And for the ones who do it and are willing to share their gifts with the world is so enabling and profoundly humbling. So far, since the beginning of May 2016 to now May 2018 I have created about 40-60 plus pieces of artwork. I haven’t displayed many times yet as an exhibitor or in many art galleries however now I very much intend to. I’ve mostly shared my artwork through social media such as Instagram, Facebook and my website.

MM: What are your goals for your future career and is there anything additional that you would like to discuss?

RML: I would love to continue to share and meet other artists and people whatever they may have chosen to be in their life and interact within a community that allows freedom of expression to be who you are. I think we all have such beautiful, unique gifts within us and to hide or deny oneself of being authentically you would be sad and wasteful. So, I hope to see more people love and listen to themselves and each other. And understand we can all live and create together...equally. I see myself exploring and sharing with the world while I continue to learn to grow and create. I am only in competition with myself. A simple blank canvas taught me the deeper meanings that I needed to see and hear, believe and love myself.

And for that, I am very grateful. I look forward to sharing my beauty with you all and vice versa. I shall continue to keep on being me and exploring my creativity in many ways shapes and forms. I also enjoy creating in other forms which include photography, writing, and fashion design. The more I try out new things and experiment with my creative talents the better knowledge I attain a better understanding of myself and the universe. I hope you enjoyed my story and I look forward to sharing more with you all until then take care and share your love.