We are all born and placed on the Earth with a definitive purpose. We all stand equal in capabilities and potential, yet may stand different in talents, interests, and appearance. This is how it is meant to be, for if we were all the same, our lives would be boring due to the lack of uniqueness in the world. Our differences are to be respected, not criticized, for part of the strength of our well being is forged through the encouragement of others.

Is there such a thing as too much admiration?

We are all put on this earth to support and care for one another, but there are also some things we should always realize.

The extent to which we admire others should be limited. It is always useful to uplift and compliment others for their positive aspects and achievements, but we should never get to the point of idolizing someone. The difference between admiring and idolizing someone is based on the height of the pedestal we place them on.

Idolizing someone dehumanizes them and can have harmful effects on you as well. We should never put someone on such a high pedestal, thinking "this person is so much smarter, or this person is so much more talented, or this person is better looking than I am." Focusing on how great someone else is can cause us sometimes to lose sight of how great we are. Some people may seem perfect, but they have their faults as well, and there will be some things that you are better at than them.

How do the accomplishments of others affect us?

We must never sell ourselves short and underestimate ourselves while focusing on the achievements of others. Someone may be more naturally talented than you at something, but that does not mean that you cannot accomplish what they have accomplished. Do not become jealous of the gifts given to others. We must remain competent in ourselves, harness our own greatness, and utilize the gifts which we possess.

Do not ever doubt yourself.

Never direct the light inside of us onto others to the point where we can no longer see the depths of our potential and the gifts we possess. Our potential has always been there; our strength has always been there, it is only waiting for us to find them and utilize them. Remain confident in who you are and your capabilities and always know your worth as a human being will never be broken.

Given the gift of life, we all stand equal in potential and qualities, for we are all worthy and capable of everything we seek in our lives.

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