Protein powders help people stay healthy, and a company called Willpower has found a way to make protein powers especially beneficial by adding hemp oil. The product, called “ReGenPCR,” is entirely natural and available in the flavors of vanilla and cinnamon cocoa. The protein powder is also made with cannabidiol which has many positive properties and can help with muscle building, attaining energy for workouts, and more.

Hemp is often best-known for its association with marijuana which was recently legalized in Colorado. Hence, it is befitting that WillPower based in Denver. Although they were unable to launch the product on Kickstarter, they are now using a private crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the release of ReGenPCR.

Recently, company founder Will Carr discussed ReGenPCR and the process of promoting it.

Hemp oils and protein powders

Meagan Meehan (MM): When and why did you start WillPower and what was it like to get the company off the ground?

Will Carr (WC): It’s been fun! WillPower started to become a reality August of last year. I started WillPower for two reasons. First, I was tired of sports nutrition products that used low-quality ingredients. I wanted to create a product line using the best natural ingredients that truly nurtured people’s bodies. There’s nothing more important than our health. The second reason was that I had been introduced to Cannabidiol knew first-hand how much it helped me. As a former athlete and someone who still lives a very active lifestyle, infusing phytocannabinoids into sports nutrition products was natural a fit.

MM: How did you learn about the health benefits of hemp oil?

WC: I was first introduced to phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil and cannabidiol in August 2017 when I played in a charity golf tournament for Realm of Caring. ROC is an amazing non-profit that helps over 43,000 people suffering from various issues. Among a myriad of therapies, ROC also utilizes CBD from industrial hemp.

Hearing the testimonies from individuals ROC helps had a huge impact on me. They’re changing lives, including mine.

MM: Hemp is sometimes regarded as controversial due to its association with marijuana, but what do you wish more people knew about it?

WC: That they’re different! Hemp is a miracle plant, so it is perfect for protein powders. We use to print our money on hemp.

Some say that hemp makes better material for clothing, hempcrete is stronger than concrete, pound for pound hemp fiber is stronger than steel cable, all this plus hemp has some great nutritional properties. Hemp can also be used for some many things to better the environment. If we don’t take care of our planet, no other issues we have in society will even be relevant. I believe Hemp can and will make people’s lives better and it will aid in making the world a better and more sustainable place.

MM: How did you come up with the blend and name for ReGenPCR?

WC: I try to live a very clean and healthy life, which includes the way I eat. Combining grass fed whey protein with BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) for recovery was a natural and easy choice.

Then to really top it off, adding PCR (phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil) just made sense. ReGen is short for Regenerate. I think it’s the perfect name for what our product represents and what we believe in.

Crowdfunding campaigns and other news

MM: What made you decide to use a crowdfunding campaign to promote it and why was your proposal rejected by Kickstarter?

WC: I wanted to use crowdfunding in order to get the word out and allow people to start researching Industrial Hemp CBD for themselves, as well as purchasing this new and innovative product before we actually had a product to ship. Kickstarter was vague in their denial to us, but thy quoted “integrity.” This bothers me because integrity is what WillPower is all about. My mission is to bring the absolute best, highest quality sports nutrition products to market.

Kickstarter’s denial was par for the course though. I’ve been told no over and over. I called somewhere around fifty co-packers before I could even find someone who would manufacture our product. The amazing thing about WillPower being the company name is that it’s a perfect description of our story. Never give up!

MM: Where will ReGenPCR be sold and what can users expect from it?

WC: All our products will be sold exclusively on our website “WillPower-Products.” Users can expect a unique, Industrial Hemp protein powder that not only tastes amazing but is a great addition to their active lifestyles - from pro athletes to weightlifters, to action sports, fitness enthusiasts and those just looking to get fit and stay fit.

MM: What is coming up next for the WillPower brand and is there more exciting news that you would like to share?

WC: WillPower Products is only getting started - our first product ReGenPCR is a grass-fed whey protein blended infused with cannabidiol. Soon you can expect a vegan protein made with a hemp protein base. Also, an energy drink powder infused with CBD is in the works! There is more to come as well, so stay tuned, follow us on our website and social media channels, but those will be coming shortly.

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