Who can take their eyes off a person with a six-pack, shredded, muscular physique amidst the crowd? Most of us dream of getting such body in the blink of an eye and try out different slimming powders available on the market. But that may turn out to be too demanding of your health in the long run as it leads to various serious and fatal ailments. But the question comes, how to start with your own workout regime? Where to start from? What are the "do’s" and "dont's" you need to keep in your workout plan and so many more things to consider while you take working out on your own for burning your excess body Fat?

If you make a compact plan, it will be easier for you to remember and work on them sincerely.


In today's busy schedule it is important to have time for some sort of health activity. Working out is essential to Burn the fat. A person can burn enough fat by running and participating in a number of exercises and better performance in it by consulting the trainer. The work out can also be done by playing your favorite sports like soccer, tennis, badminton etc.

A compact workout plan must have three important steps to follow

Eat at short intervals. Do not skip any meal and then stack your stomach with oily or carb-rich foods. Your calorie intake must be in equal proportion to your calorie burn.

Do not stress yourself in an attempt to achieve everything overnight. Rather, enjoy the process and let time do the rest. These tips come from the Weight Loss Resource website.

Need of a balanced diet

Many of us are under the misconception that losing weight means eating less. It actually leads to overeating and accumulation of fat in your abdomen.

Also, a healthy diet does not mean you will live on boiled vegetables only. You can eat everything but in the correct proportion. You must enjoy what you are eating as it triggers the digestive enzymes that help in metabolism. Instead of skipping meals if we eat healthy and tasty foods in measured quantity and cut out oily foods from our diet it will help in reducing our body weight.

Exercise is nothing without having balanced and proper diet.

Zumba, lose fat with fun

In recent years, Zumba is a new trend to lose weight and burn unwanted fat. It is a fun activity which mostly includes dancing. It is most famous in Latin American countries. A daily 20-minute Zumba can do wonders for a person. It is performed by a trainer who has taken some sort of training. Overall it is a great option to lose fat and weight with fun. Stay tuned for more news and updates on health.