If you don't know who Patrick Starrr is, you are missing out. He runs his own Youtube channel, showing different makeup looks. Men wearing makeup is something that still isn't widely accepted, but Starrr is changing that with his tutorials. You may know him as Patrick Simondac, but his fans know him as Patrick Starrr and his collection will use his alias.

About the artist

Recently, Patrick Starrr reached three million subscribers to his Youtube channel. That is where he gives his tutorials on things like contouring and baking.

Starrr breaks the mold of a beauty blogger because of who he is. A gay plus-sized man isn't who you would typically go to when in search of beauty advice. He broke that mold, and now, he has teamed up with several familiar names. Kim Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale have done something with Starrr for his channel.

According to Refinery 29, Patrick has been really involved in the Orlando club scene. In fact, he mentioned he would only wear makeup to Pulse in Orlando, the nightclub that was the target of the mass shooting in 2016.

Of course, when he worked at the Mac counter, he would wear makeup as well. Those were the only two places he felt comfortable enough to be himself and now, he has a dream partnership with the makeup retailer.

Patrick Starrr MAC collection details

This is going to be a year-long collaboration. The first release will happen in stores on and online December 14. It is going to be a holiday collection, one that will be a must-have for MAC fans.

There will be more releases to coincide with the seasons, ending with another holiday collection in 2018 when the collaboration is over. Starrr has talked about how he went through testing the products, making sure his name wasn't just slapped on anything. The loose powder was one that took some time. He wanted it to be used for baking and wanted it done right. That product will be available in the upcoming release with the holiday collection.

MAC has only had one other collection bigger than the one they are doing with Starrr. Rihanna was the biggest, but coming in second to her is nothing to be upset over. Patrick Starrr is gearing up for his launch in just under a month. This is one of the biggest moment for the beauty blogger, something he never thought was possible. The products are going to be quality and with a brand like MAC backing him, you just can't go wrong.

Patrick Starrr is going to become a household name and this makeup line may be the thing to make it happen.

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