Reality TV celebrity Jeremy Vuolo inadvertently started a row with an Instagram picture of Jinger Duggar. On a flight to visit family, the "Counting On" star appeared thin and bruised. Fans suspect domestic violence, an eating disorder, anorexia weight loss, or all three. Is the "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar daughter just heavily made up? Or does this plus the coffee incident point to spouse abuse?

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo post puzzling Instagram

The image shows both the Vuolos sleeping on a first class flight. A "19 Kids and Counting" follower said Jinger had a black eye, puffed lip, and swollen cheek, and questioned spousal abuse between the Celebrities.

One suggested the reality television star had undergone some kind of plastic surgery like Botox. Other Duggar Family fans saw only a sleepy face and cosmetics -- the "Counting On" celeb is known for heavily-lined eye makeup.

'Counting On' couple happy or hurtful?

Most commenters pooh-poohed the suggestion that Jeremy beats Jinger Vuolo. However, this isn't the first suggestion of abuse. The "19 Kids and Counting" celebrity was badly burned by her husband. Jeremy made his wife remove the lid from some coffee against her will while he was driving and then turned a corner and scalded her. "Counting On" viewers watched in horror as the pastor laughed and never said he was sorry. Jinger apologized for being upset.

Some folks recognized battered woman syndrome in this. They alluded to Jim Bob Duggar's "abusive" control but the caucus felt it was being blown out of proportion.

Jinger suffers anorexic weight loss?

Michelle Duggar insists that the "19 Kids and Counting" girls avoid being overweight as obesity displeases God and husbands. Some wonder if Jinger is taking this exhortation too far.

In the Instagram photo, her hands looked thin. "Counting On" critics questioned whether the Duggars had pushed their daughter to an eating disorder. Joy-Anna Duggar lost weight before her marriage but rapidly gained it back in pregnancy. Anorexia was hinted at with her too. Again, majority ruled that fears were exaggerated.

Jinger avoiding pregnancy

The burning question reality TV fans are asking is why the Vuolos aren't pregnant yet. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth had barely done the "Wedding March" before they were expecting. "Counting On" co-stars Ben and Jessa Seewald had two babies 14 months apart. Jill Duggar Dillard gave birth five months ago and many think she's pregnant again. "19 Kids and Counting" Anna and Josh Duggar just welcomed baby five. Is Jinger holding pregnancy off because of marital strife, health problems, an eating disorder, or just marching to her own drum?