It's either a mare's nest or the biggest scandal to hit scandal-ridden "Counting On" since incest and pedophilia. Rumor has it that "19 Kids and Counting" star Jana Duggar is dating a good buddy of Josh Duggar (perpetrator of the sexual molestation) named Caleb Williams. No big deal there--the reality television favorite Jana is always rumored to be with a new man. But this guy doesn't share the Duggars' faith and may defy Jim Bob Duggar on the courtship rules!

Jacob Williams denies dating Jana Duggar, what about his brother?

At first, it looked like "19 Kids and Counting" Jana was torn between two brothers--Caleb and/or Jacob Williams.

Jacob denied his part in the projected menage a trois, but Caleb Williams has not. A picture of him at dinner with the Duggar Family provoked questions about Jana's "mystery man," his "obesity," and why he was underdressed. The would-be suitor fielded body-shaming but didn't deny that he was courting the "Counting On" celebrity.

Jana courted by Josh Duggar's friend?

Caleb's Instagram shows pictures of himself holding baby Mason, the youngest of ex "19 Kids and Counting" Celebrities Josh and Anna Duggar. The picture is confusing because he looks so much skinnier with the baby than he did in Michelle Duggar's photo on Facebook. Is he working at weight loss to court Jana Duggar, or are the pictures just misleading?

Are matchmaking "Counting On" fans wrong again?

Duggar and 'interfaith' boyfriend do courtship their way?

Caleb Williams doesn't attend the Reality TV Duggars' Southern Baptist church. He's a Christian but doesn't specify the denomination. He also said he's not so keen on the no-touch business that characterizes "19 Kids and Counting" courtships.

"Counting On" couples of late have been flouting those rules. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard and Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald kept hands off, but Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were much more cuddly. Joy-Anna and her new husband had trouble with the side hugs, and fans have wondered if their pregnancy was unplanned.

Joy-Anna Duggar pregnancy spurs Jana to action?

Jana is one of the most quixotic Duggars on "19 Kids and Counting." The eldest daughter and second eldest child is still single at 27 where much younger siblings are married. Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell tied the knot recently, and 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant after marrying Austin Forsyth a few months ago. Are younger siblings' pregnancies making Jana feel her reproductive years slipping away? Is the "Counting On" celebrity getting tired of being always a bridesmaid and babysitter and never a wife and mother?