According to TMZ, the entire Kardashian family is being sued by Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White. The mother of Rob Kardashian's baby filed the lawsuit on Tuesday. She claims the Kardashians had a lot to do with the cancellation of her reality show on E!

Blac Chyna's attorney confirmed that Kris Jenner is named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with her five daughters, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. However, the network disputes her claim, and it has the proof that Blac Chyna is falsely accusing the Kardashians of something that is not true at all.

Last December, "Rob & Chyna" was renewed for a second season. In July, it was put on hold before it was finally canceled.

Blac Chyna's claim

Chyna claims the entire Kardashian family interfered with the reality show that she and Rob were filming. They caused "Rob & Chyna" to be canceled after the first season based on their input. She claimed they sabotage her reality show for the sake of their own show. The end result is that E! concluded that production was impossible. The lawsuit stated that the network, the production company and the reality stars were set to film the second season until the Kardashians influenced E!

to cancel the show after the first season.

The network's claim

The network argued that Rob and Chyna separated at the very beginning of the first season. Therefore, it was a consideration at that point that there would be no second season. There is documentation that shows Chyna made it impossible for the show to continue. She refused to let the production team film her and Rob in the same room. It became difficult for production to continue.

Besides, E! was not pleased with the extremely low ratings that came in for "Rob & Chyna." Dave Schilling of The Guardian described the show as "painfully dull" and "astoundingly depressing." Many others thought the same thing and are glad it was canceled.

Another suit

That is not the only suit Chyna is filing against the Kardashians. She is also suing the family over a domestic violence incident that happened between her and Rob back in April.

She claimed Rob knocked her bedroom door off the hinges before attacking her. He grabbed her phone and knocked her to the floor.

Chyna and Rob have had a very volatile relationship since they began dating in January 2016. Their daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian, was born on November 10, 2016. They broke up a month after her birth, reconciled a few days later, and separated again in February 2017. They have remained separated since then, but the fighting has continued. Even though they no longer have a reality show, their lives are still played out on social media. They both have had restraining orders granted against each other.

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