Some people are habitually late for almost everything. However, they try to appear on time when they know people are waiting for them to arrive. This doesn't apply at all for Rev. Al Sharpton's 30-year-old daughter who has a habit of arriving late for important events. On Sunday, she arrived a whole hour late for her own wedding while hundreds of people sat and waited for her as they kept checking their watches as their patience was running out.

The wedding

Dominique Sharpton married activist Marcus Bright in a ceremony at the Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Queens, New York.

Her father did not officiate the wedding but acted in the capacity of a proud father of his eldest daughter. He walked her down the aisle as many guests looked on. The bride's father, who is a public figure, had invited dignitaries to the wedding because they had watched Dominique grow up. Some of the attendees included former congressman Charles Rangel and current Public Advocate Tish James. Others who know Rev. Sharpton showed up to the wedding since he had given an open invitation to the public. Rev. Elaine Flake officiated the wedding. Rev. Sharpton did read a scripture during the ceremony.

There was a meet and greet reception after the public wedding for the general public in the Great Hall of the church.

A private family reception was held off-site.

Walking down the aisle

People watched Dominique as she walked down the aisle for more than one reason. Of course, they looked to see that she was wearing a scoop-necked gingham gown with a long lace train. They also noticed that she did not limp at all. They paid attention to how she was walking since she has a $5 million personal injury claim against the city of New York.

She alleged she suffered a permanent ankle injury on a faulty street in Manhattan in 2015.

Both the bride and groom are activists working for Education for a Better America that is affiliated with Al Sharpton's National Action Network. The newlyweds will not go on a honeymoon because they concluded they have too much work to do.

Bride's habit of being late

The bride arriving late for her own wedding was not surprising because she has a habit of being late or not showing up at all to important events. She failed to show up on four different occasions to give a deposition in her case against the city for her injured ankle. Judge Alexender Tisch has let her know that if she does not show up on time for the case that's scheduled in November, he is lending toward throwing out the case where she is seeking $5 million as compensation for the injured ankle.