The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show has kicked off and companies are unveiling concept cars that have revolutionary features, CNN reported. The show opened on October 28 and will run until November 5.

The Tokyo Motor Show is a worldwide event that features many leading car manufacturers, their newest offerings, and some of their concept cars. Some of the companies that participated this year include Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and Suzuki.

This year’s theme is called “Beyond The Motor,” which focuses on the show’s aspiration for “functional value and enjoyment of automobiles,” the official website indicated.

They seek to attract “knowledge and transcend industry borders.”

“Significant changes are taking place in the situation surrounding the automobile industry. The Tokyo Motor Show is evolving as well, to become a more influential event playing a notably relevant role in next-generation mobility,” the official statement said.

Toyota’s concept car

One of the highlights of the show is Toyota’s new concept car that can read human feelings. This automobile is part of the company’s Concept-I Series built with features that can decipher certain emotions.

These concept cars use recognition software that reads the human facial expression, body language, social media preferences, and voice. It detects the driver’s behavior and acts according to his or her mood.

For instance, when the car detects an anxious driver, it will automatically change the interior by cooling down the seats and altering the lights.

The company has also introduced the Toyota TJ Cruiser. It is another concept vehicle characterized by a huge and modular cabin designed to carry the luggage of passengers. The back door opens up wider and the materials of the automobile are resistant to damage.

It is predicted to be featured in showrooms in the near future.

Other car brands

Another car brand that presented its concept car is Nissan. Its Murano crossover is designed with entertainment systems that can be controlled with eye movements.

It has a separate set of motors for the front and rear wheels.

Meanwhile, Mazda has also presented a state-of-the-start vehicle called the Vision Coupe designed with a body that implies “speed and grace.” This is part of the company’s plan to work on many other variations in the future.

Furthermore, Suzuki is revolutionizing the concept of the old Samurai SUV and the Jeep. This year, it has introduced its e-Survivor automobile that is described as “a modern electric Samurai.” The wheels are powered by their own electric engine and motor.