Starbucks has recently partnered with Disneyland to offer a merchandise that features images of one of the attractions of the theme park, Cosmopolitan reported. The coffee chain giant created a special mug available in selected Disneyland locations.

Since the mugs were released, several netizens and bloggers have started sharing photos of the merchandise online. It is a travel mug made with ceramics. It has a colored lid printed with the words, “Disneyland Resort.”

The image embedded on the mug is a drawing of the facade of Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” ride.

It has color schemes that include pink, blue and purple.

According to blogger KT The Disney Bear, this special merchandise has the size of a regular coffee mug. Visitors and guests to the park can use the mug when drinking their favorite beverages such as coffee, tea or fruit juice.

Where to find the mug

The theme park’s “It’s A Small World” ride is a water-themed journey across several nations in the world. Upon entry, the guests will be taken into various sets featuring a specific continent or area in the world.

Some of these include the Arabian world, the Oriental world, the rainforests and the European castles. At some point during the ride, figurines of some of the Disney characters appear in the scenes, such as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine in the Arabian-themed attraction.

The song “It’s A Small World” loops in the background, sung in different languages.

The Disneyland mug can be found at the Starbucks located on Main Street’s Market House at Disneyland Anaheim, according to Magic Kingdom Mamas on Instagram. Some of the mugs were sold out fast, the blogger also noted. It is available in Downtown Disney.

Park exclusive

The mug from Starbucks and Disneyland’s partnership is only offered for a limited time. Furthermore, it is also considered a park exclusive which means that it will not be available online.

Any store of the coffee chain outside the theme park will not offer the mug as well.

This is not the first time that the coffee chain signed a deal with Walt Disney to offer special merchandise. The restaurant has previously offered Disneyland-inspired souvenir mugs as well, Cosmopolitan further said.

Aside from using them at work, those who have purchased this mug can also have it as a collector’s item. Aside from this, Disneyland also offers various other souvenir items such as shirts, keychains, pillows, toys, necklaces and bathroom accessories.