Working at any of Walt Disney theme parks might seem like the ideal place to work because it is the most magical place on earth. However, there are strict rules that must be followed. Three days of training are given to make sure everyone knows all the rules.

The more than 70,000 people who work for Walt Disney are not called employees or workers. They are called "Cast Members." That's because everything at Disney is a production, and everyone has to be in character while wearing a costume, even when they are at lunch, on break or become ill.

The park is so big that more than one cast member plays the same character.

However, two Snow Whites should never be seen in the same area at the same time. There are many tunnels underground for characters to get from place to place without guests seeing more than one at a time and for members to eat because they should never be seen eating in public no matter how hungry they get. They are not allowed to put a mint in their mouth or chew gum. Of course, smoking is forbidden.

Cast members

Cast members have to be like their character in every way. There is a height requirement for each character. In order to be a Disney princess, the person must be between 5’4″ and 5'8″ tall. Mickey Mouse is so short that the character is often played by girls who are between 4'8" and 5'2" tall.

Cast members must have the personality, attitude, and appearance of the character. They must walk, talk, smile, frown and even write like their character. They must keep good posture while they are on duty and never slouch or bend down unless to sign an autograph book or pick up trash.

Rules to follow

Cast members could get fired on the spot if they break any of the rules.

Their appearance is subject to inspection. No member should have visible tattoos and piercings. Females are allowed to have only one piercing on each ear, and they can wear only neutral-colored nail polish. They can wear braids, but beads are not allowed in their hair. Males are not allowed to have beards or goatees. Their hair must not be so long that it goes lower than their ears or falls in their eyes.

Buzz words

Disney theme parks have their own buzz words. People who visit the theme parks must be referred to as "guests." When a guest is lost, he is to be announced as being "backstage." Cast members don't wear a "uniform." They wear a "costume." They have a "role" and not a job title. They are never at work. They are either "onstage" or "offstage."


Many of the costumes require special undergarments, such as tights, bike shorts, or jock straps. At one time, undergarments had to be shared. Because so many members contacted lice and other uncomfortable things from wearing unclean underwear, they are allowed to take it home and wash them.

Knowledge of park

Cast members must know everything about the park, including time and place of the activities.

If they must point someone in the right direction, they must use two figures or an open palm. They were trained never to point with one finger because Walt Disney hated that gesture.

No social media

Electronics are not allowed on the job. Even when off the clock cast members are not allowed to post pictures on social media or disclose which character they are playing. They are not allowed to talk about characters, celebrities, or other brands not associated with Disney while in the park.


Even though there are some strict rules, there are some great perks, such as free admission on their days off. They get discounts on food, beverage, and merchandise, and discount cards for family and friends.

When guests leave behind items, they are kept for a length of time. After that, cast members get a chance to purchase lost items from a special store. The profits are given to charity.

It has been reported that every single day, more than 200 pairs of sunglasses are turned in. In just one year, about 6,000 mobile phones and 18,000 hats are found. People have lost cash, engagement rings, a prosthetic leg and even a glass eye.