LEGO has unveiled its newest Star Wars toy set, the Millennium Falcon. It is considered as the brand’s most expensive and biggest set ever, sold for a price of $800, NME reported.

The new LEGO set has a total of 7,541 pieces that consumers have to build together to create the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars series. It is part of the Ultimate Collectors Series, the report added.

“Build, play and display the ultimate LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon with amazing external detailing, large cockpit, detailed interior, 7,500 elements and two crews,” LEGO revealed on their official website.

It is their version of Han Solo’s freighter transport vehicle, provided with the details that Star Wars fans can always dream of.

The company added that it has an intricate detailing on the exteriors, quad laser cannons both on the upper and lower parts, landing legs, lowering boarding rap, and a four-minifigure cockpit with a canopy that can be detached. Users will have to remove the hull plates to see the main hold, gunnery station, and rear spaces, which are also intricately designed.

New buildable figures

According to NME, the toy version of Han Solo’s remarkable smuggling transport ship is measured at 33 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and eight inches in height. It highly resembles the actual Millennium Falcon from the series, or from “The Force Awakens” franchise.

Aside from the main craft, it also includes various buildable mini-figures of some of the most iconic characters from the series. They include Chewbacca, Rey, the Elite Praetorian Guard, the Elite Tie Fighter Pilot, Stormtrooper Commander, Scarif Stormtrooper, and Chirrut Imwe.

It also includes figures inspired by Baze Malbus, Sergeant Jyn Erso, the Imperial Death Trooper, Finn, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Jango Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Joining the list are Old Han, Leia, and Clone Commander Cody.

Bigger than other LEGO models

It is regarded as the biggest set that the toy brand has ever created, topping other massive models such as the Taj Mahal LEGO, the Tower Bridge, and the Death Star, according to USA Today. NME also reported that the brand has previously unveiled a cheaper version of the Millennium Falcon back in 2007.

This version featured around 5,000 pieces, and cost $500. This particular set was phased out of the stores and retail shops but was an in-demand item among the fans.

Now, fans can clear up their rooms to make way for this new set inspired by the hit series. Consumers can purchase this item from stores beginning October 1, the report added.