Vogue magazine chose to make a brave and daring feature for its September cover, depicting same-sex couples kissing each other. The magazine released various versions featuring same-sex male and female models.

The first version of the Vogue magazine cover had two male models, Pablo Rousson and Edoardo Velicskov kissing one another. They are a real-life couple. The second version featured two female models with their lips locked together. These models were Lily Aldridge and Vittoria Ceretti.

There was a third and final version that featured a straight kiss between a heterosexual couple, Federico Spinas and Carla Boscono.

Images of the September Issue of the fashion magazine were posted all over social media.

‘Kiss is kiss’

The editor-in-chief of the magazine Emanuele Farneti shared the covers of the magazine on his Instagram. The posts were captioned, “Kiss is kiss.” Farneti succeeded the former editor of Vogue, Franca Sozzani, NBC News reported.

Since the new editor-in-chief took office, the magazine has become bolder and more inclusive with its cover images. Previously, it unveiled issues that featured plus-size models, and models with African lineage, according to the article. These editions veered away from the mainstream which usually feature white-skinned models on their covers.

Drawing criticisms

When the September issue of Vogue was released, readers took to social media to air their comments.

There were mixed reactions from those who were able to get copies of the magazine.

The Fashion Spot gathered some of the most outrageous comments made in their online forum. A netizen called the cover photos “indecisive and forgettable,” wishing that they could have been bolder statements.

“I really, really resent this! For September, I do not need gimmicks like this!” Fashion Spot’s Miss Dalloway noted.

Meanwhile, zacatecas570 said that the cover was “too generic, lifeless, and boring.”

U.S. and same-sex policies

The Unite States formally legalized same-sex marriages in 2015. Then in 2016, Italy became the last country in the European Union to recognize same-sex marriages.

However, the Italian court did not allow couples to adopt.

The cover that featured same-sex couples kissing can be found on the Italian edition of Vogue. It is the first magazine under the title to publish a cover that paid tribute to the LGBTQ community. Previously, Vogue Paris was under the spotlight over a transgender model on its cover in March 2017.